5 Biggest Blocks of Success in Your Email Marketing Campaign

There are many things that will potentially make you fail in your email marketing effort. However, there are biggest blocks of success that are the most common cause of failure in email marketing. If you are running email marketing campaign right now, be sure to avoid 5 most common things that will cause failure in your email marketing:
1. Boring, non-personal email messages

This is the most common cause of failure in your email marketing – boring title and non-personal email messages that will make people want to delete your email message immediately. First, create a good email message. The requirement to create a good email message is easy. You have to create an interesting message. Use your creativity in this area. Make sure that the way you write your email is interesting. Then, make this email personal, as if you have known about your readers for a long time. Address their name to establish personal communication with you.

2. Zero relationship building

List building is not about adding people to your email list. It is about building good relationship with your subscribers. This is another block that will prevent you from doing successful email marketing campaign for your list. You have no relationship with your list. If you have no relationship with your list, you have very little chance to get good response from your list.

Bad relationship will affect your conversion and sales, no matter how you argue about it. If your subscribers don’t even know about you, they will become more suspicious with your offer. Look at the spam messages you got. Did you read all of them? Of course, you won’t ever read those spam messages simply because you are suspicious of them. That’s what will happen if you don’t build good relationship with your list.

3. You are too stingy in releasing good information

Good and valuable information is the first and foremost requirement if you want to make your readers hear your words. Give your readers good and valuable information in your emails. Certainly, you won’t lose anything when you do this. Give your best tips, tricks, suggestions, and secrets to help them succeed in overcoming their problem.

How many marketers are too stingy with their information? Too much! They’re saying: “You can only solve your problem by buying this e-book.” They never give anything to their readers other than bogus advice to take a look at their promoted sales page.

4. You don’t have any interest to help your readers

In any successful business relationship, you will see common premise in them. “If you want to succeed, you have to be willing to help others to succeed.” You will find this simple yet powerful premise always true. Any marketing campaign that is not designed to help others will eventually fail, no matter how much budget you invest on it.

That is, your readers will know immediately if you want to rip them off or not within the first few paragraphs of your email. If they see that your intention with your offer is entirely for your personal gain, they will refuse to respond. Think about it. You have to help your readers first before attempting to get some sales from them. In each of your emails, make sure that you are helping your readers. If you do your email marketing campaign entirely for promotion purpose, it will be difficult for you to convert your subscribers into buyers.

5. Building low quality email list

The traffic you are using to build your email list will affect your overall email marketing result. Yes, the source of your traffic is important to determine whether your email marketing campaign will be successful or not. If you are building your email list primarily through safelist, then don’t complain if you have zero conversion from your list.

The best list is built from high quality and targeted traffic, and this kind of traffic is not easy to get. You have to work hard in order to get this kind of traffic. Buyer traffic is another best traffic source for your subscribers. When people buy your product and you offer them to sign up to your mailing list, this kind of traffic is a good way to make a high quality list. So, if you want to succeed with your email marketing campaign, build high quality email list that comes from either targeted traffic or buyer traffic.

Successful email marketing campaign must be free from those biggest blocks of success.

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