Can you Really Use Free Viral Marketing Techniques?

Free viral marketing methods can be a powerful tool if used properly, and can generate a substantial amount of traffic and sales to your website. Viral marketing is a technique used to encourage others to promote your business’ products and services by spreading the news of these to others by word of mouth of through use of free give away items or videos.

Effective Viral Marketing Methods

  • Using Articles – This is perhaps one of the oldest methods of viral marketing available today. In this method uses quality articles are written and submitted to the top article directories. These articles can be about any issue that relates to the topic of your website.
  • The author resource box at the bottom of the article allows you to place a link back to your website, and it should be used to also provide a small snippet of information on your business.
  • Other webmasters reading your articles will pick them up for publishing to their own sites if they find them valuable and useful for their own readers. This is a remarkably powerful method of driving traffic to your website, and can even be used to drum up businesses that exist in the offline environment also.
  • The articles remain in circulation for a long time and will bring you traffic long after they were first published.
  • Using Video – This may be the most powerful method of them all. Videos can be created and posted freely to the many video sharing sites available online. People are constantly seeking out videos for information and to be entertained by them.
  • When creating the videos be especially creative and entertaining and your message will spread to a wider variety of viewers. Interesting and funny videos will be quickly shared by the viewers who see them and that will provide the viral effect you are looking for.
  • Using Forums – Forum posting can be a very effective method of viral marketing. The process involves posting helpful and valuable comments in niche forums that are related to your products and services.
  • In your forum signature you should provide a link to your website. Your comments will be read by many people if you focus on providing quality and your readers will want to know more and will click on your signature links and be taken to your site.
  • These clicks will generate a massive surge of traffic to your website so try to comment as much as possible in the forum. The search engines will also pick up the comments and the signature link, and in that way you will be able to generate even more traffic, but from the search engines instead.
  • Tell a Friend Scripts – These scripts can be installed on websites and when they deploy, the reader has the option of informing a few of his friends about the valuable information he has just found.  The script is used quite well by those exposed to it, and will result in your getting even more eyes viewing your products and services.
  • Using Social Media – Social Media are all the rage these day and their platforms provide just the resource that will take your viral marketing campaigns to another level. These include Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube among others.
  • Before you can take your viral campaign to the social media, you will need to make sure that your targeted audience frequents these sites. When you know which sites they frequent, you will then join, and then engage your target audience in discussion regarding issues about the products and services you are promoting.
  • Your intent should first be to provide valuable and useful information and advice. After you have gained their trust and confidence, you will be in a position to entice them with coupons and samples of you products and services which they will try and then recommend to their friends and also their followers.


The preceding 5 free viral marketing methods will work to generate traffic back to your websites and hopefully help the business’ bottom line.















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