Effective Viral Marketing Strategies To Bring You Traffic

Effective viral marketing strategies for an online business can be a very productive form of advertising a business can engage in, and its purpose is to use the influence and help of others to spread your company’s message to others with a minimum of effort on your part. Usually it is conducted by word of mouth and the cost to the business owner is free.

Some of the most effective viral marketing strategies used include, article marketing, e-book advertising, affiliate programs, viral scripts and software, blog commenting, and viral emails.

Article Marketing and Publishing

Of all viral strategies used today, article marketing has been around the longest and is a time proven method of getting the word out about a company’s services and products. It provides the best possible exposure for a business.

These articles should be of good value and be useful for its intended readers. They must also be on issues that directly relate to the niche products of your website, and they should contain, in the author’s resource box, a link back to the business website.

There are a large number of different channels through which articles can be distributed.  These include good quality, high PR ranked articles directories, press release sites, in newsletters, in forums, social bookmarking sites, and other sources online.

Important Considerations about Viral Marketing Strategies:

  • Create a Plan – Before starting a promotion of viral marketing, ensure that you have clearly identified the exact strategies you plan to use in your campaign, and that these strategies will provide you with the best results your business can receive. The plan should give you with a good framework to follow on your campaign.
  • Encourage Readers to Use your Offers – Readers to your website should be encouraged to use all offerings on your website – allow them to  reprint  articles you have posted to your webpages on their own sites, blogs and newsletters – ensure that your resource box is included in the articles.
  • Strong Link Building – Make full use of the resources available on other websites and provide valuable comments, guest articles, or guess blog posts, leaving a link back to your own website every time.
  • Create a Presence on Social Media – Determine if your target market frequents the social media platforms, and exactly which ones. Then you should join those networks and engage in the conversations they are already having on issues relating to the products and services that you promote.
  • Develop a profile as one who provides valuable and useful information in your expert area. Let them develop a trust and a confidence in you, and follow up by offering coupons, discounts and freebies for them to try.
  • They will, and they will also pass the word on your products and services to their friends and family and also their following.
  • Adequate Bandwidth – Ensure that your host server is adequately prepared to handle a possible surge of traffic to your website, should a rapid influx of visitors descend on the site.
  • Free Give Away – Rapid results can be realized from the free giveaway of services and products. It shows a confidence in your products and entices the receivers to spread the word on your business offerings.
  • Transfer Message – Utilize various formats to transfer your marketing message, such as videos, software downloads, websites, graphics, Podcasts and email messages. The communication should be kept simple, short and concise.
  • Seek Professional Help – If need be seek the help of a profession expert to set up a viral marketing plan for your business.

The preceding was a discussion on effective viral marketing strategies for your business. Having a detailed plan and following through consistently and persistently with it will achieve for your business the viral distribution you are hoping for.



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