The Genius of the Go Daddy Commercial

Why is the Go Daddy Commercial so Successful?

The Go Daddy commercial is one of the most successful advertising stunts ever. It is not just because they put women in hot, tight outfits and make it look like they are going to show skin, but that is part of it. By understanding why this commercial is so successful you can learn about marketing and use that knowledge to help you in your endeavors.

One of the reasons the Go Daddy commercial is so successful is because of the curiosity they create. They always give you a reason to go see the rest of the commercial on their website, which means they get you to their website. Even if you don’t need a domain right now, you could later, and chances are you will use GoDaddy.

They are creating brand awareness on and offline by using these commercials in the way they do. They are always featured during the Super Bowl and because of the subject matter, they receive a ton of traffic from their commercials. The Go Daddy commercial is a genius in itself and one of the best offline marketing examples of our time.

What We Can all Learn from the Go Daddy Commercial

If you look at the Go Daddy commercial and you understand how it catches your attention you can use this in any video marketing or any sales copy. They grab you and keep your attention by playing the sex appeal and more. They use good looking women that the general public recognizes along with a story that you may be interested in.

This allows GoDaddy to grab your attention and pull you into their marketing scheme. They will give you a little bit of what you want, but not all of it. In order to get the entire story you have to go to their website, which is simply genius. They give you enough to understand what they are about, but not completely.

When the Go Daddy commercial first came out nobody really knew what GoDaddy did. We were not really used to seeing commercials for domain registration companies and many people did not know what they did or what GoDaddy was. This created a huge amount of curiosity and they still create curiosity with the newer Go Daddy commercial that is out.

Now they use a woman that is not only a celebrity, but also one of the few racecar drivers to promote their service. They have done such a good job of creating curiosity that they have been able to make the GoDaddy brand one of the most recognizable brands out there. They are the top domain registration service for a reason and it all started with one Go Daddy commercial.

Duplicating what the Go Daddy Commercial Does

The tip you can take from the Go Daddy commercial is the curiosity they create. By giving people part of the story and making, them literally crave more, you can write better sales copy, better ads for pay per click, and even better website content and product reviews. This is a great way to create more traffic and more sales from whatever you are promoting.

You may not be able to fork over the huge sum of cash to get a Super Bowl commercial, but if you can create the curiosity much like GoDaddy does, then you can certainly create traffic and profits from your marketing. Pay attention to the next Go Daddy commercial you see and actually go to their site after, you will see the genius.

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