How to Use Facebook and Twitter for Business


How to Use Facebook and Twitter for Business Effectively

More and more businesses are looking at how to use Facebook and Twitter for business and are  seeking the opportunities that exist in these social networking platforms for connecting with a greater number of clients, and also for generating more sales for their businesses.

The use of social media in business is so highly suggested,  that it is often said that if a business does not develop a social media business presence, it will be left behind by its competition that have done just that.

A business can utilize these social media platforms to spread the news of their businesses, but the approach has to be done in a very effective manner so as to create the appropriate type of attention.

Setting up Accounts on the FaceBook

  • The account should be set up using a page specifically for your business’ services or products as opposed to creating just a profile. With a page created, the business will be able to handle an unlimited number of users and it will not be necessary for users to opt into becoming your ‘friends’.
  • The business should purchase a keyword rich domain name and set up a blog on a self-hosted website. This will have the effect of creating the best professional appearance for your business.
  • Other free options for establishing a blog, such as WordPress and Blogger, can be used, but it is recommended that a self-hosted site would be most effective.
  • After creating the blog, look for linking opportunities with other blogs in the same niche that are not competing with your business, and comment on these blogs, and leave links pointing back to your website. Comment on many such blogs in your niche to build a greater visibility to your website.

Setting up Twitter Account

  • Open a Twitter account and create tweets with the use of hashtags to call attention to your message. These will look something like “#freeelectronics”.
  • These keywords will be searched for by users on Twitter and their queries will reveal results pages that will include your Twitter page. This is the way you will develop a following of users on Twitter who will look forward to your valuable tweets.
  • Having established an account, you will next need to advertise it. This will be done by spreading the word to your friends and family and requesting that they follow you on Twitter and on Facebook and also to your blog.
  • For a business, it must be remembered that the social media sites are utilized by people who want to connect with others. It was not intended for the promotion of business services and products and users do not expect to be constantly bombarded by promotions.
  • The business must identify its targeted customers and connect with them be providing valuable and useful information, and developing a confidence and trust with them. Anything other than a genuine rapport will be interpreted as spam, and that should be avoided at all costs.


The ongoing tasks with both Twitter and with Facebook accounts involve the business making regular posts to both the blog and to the social media accounts.

The updates on the accounts should be done to raise the curiosity of the users and should not be used to provide one sales pitch after another. The intent should always be to provide useful and valuable information to your target audience.

The question of how to use Facebook and Twitter for business is easily answered by saying that the task and the effort involved should be planned in terms of the time involved and also as far as the staffing requirements are concerned. Too much effort should not be spent at the expense of properly maintaining the business functions.

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