Using Facebook for Business


Using Facebook for Business- 3 Tips for Success

Given the fact that more than 500 million users are active on FaceBook each day, it is almost imperative that businesses have a presence on this social media platform. That number of users represents an enormous potential client and customer resource. Using FaceBook for business should be a no-brainer given this statistic.

FaceBook is a marketing tool that should be fully utilized like any other tool available to a business. There are 3 tips for building a successful business presence on FaceBook – build an effective and efficient page, attract your customers, engage your potential customers.

Building an Effective Business Page

  • Choose Page Type – The page is the correct account type to select for a business on FaceBook (not a profile which is intended for an individual).It is important to ensure that the page looks as professional as possible and include the logo of the business site.
  • FBML Use – With the use of FBML (similar to HTML) you will be able to customize the layout and the way the page displays. Hire a professional designer to manipulate the code to produce an effective design for the page.
  • Page Advantage – A FaceBook page is especially designed to promote the automatic collection of followers. The customization opportunities are very broad and there is no danger of revealing personal data, either your data or that of the business’ followers.
  • Create a Page – Tutorials under ‘Pages’ will provide the steps to be taken to create your business page.
  • Page Customization – Various methods are available for the customization of the page for your business. These include, creating customized landing pages, opt in forms for  followers to sign up for business newsletters, testimonial pages, links connecting to other business accounts like Twitter and YouTube, and the business contact information such as phone numbers, and locations.
  • Integrate Page with Website – On your website be certain to add ‘like’ FaceBook buttons for site visitors to connect with FaceBook. This tactic will your visitors  news feeds on your FaceBook updates and these will also be seen by the friends of  your visitors who will be encourages to follow also.


Attract Your Customers

  • Certain FaceBook social plugins widgets can be place on the business website to help promote the business page.  
  • Other helpful tactics to use is to communicate with your business following from your email list, your newsletter subscribers and your blog followers and to have them connect with your business FaceBook page. Create a post and link it to your FaceBook page inviting all to your page.
  • A FaceBook ad can be created to promote the business page to FaceBook members and will be a more aggressive manner to seek followers.

Engage Your Customers

  • As with any website, the content on your FaceBook page must be compelling and engaging to hold the interest of your followers. Adding valuable content on a daily basis will keep them revisiting the site again and again.
  • Be certain to give as much value as possible, because FaceBook is a social media site where people come to connect with others. They are not looking to be pitched to and have promotions constantly put to them.
  • Find a way to bring in your products and services into the information you are sharing, without making it a constant pitch fest. Use the page to give tips and tricks and invite feedback and comments from your followers.


FaceBook give businesses a huge marketing opportunity to promote services and products to a half a billion prospective customers and clients. The social media platform must be approached in a much different way from the manner most businesses are accustomed to.

Using Facebook for business will be effective and efficient only if a business is mindful to create an effective business page, if it attracts its customers in the correct manner, and if it engages them properly for a long term beneficial relationship.



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