Three Dedicated Hosting Solutions to Give you a Competitive Edge

Why Dedicated Hosting Solutions are the Best Choice

If you want to make sure you have the best possible hosting, you need to use on of the dedicated hosting solutions. Dedicated server hosting is the best choices for many reasons and you get many benefits from having an entire server dedicated only to you. This is better than shared hosting and VPS hosting and here is why.

First, with all of the dedicated hosting solutions you get the ability to use all of the resources of the server. This means that if another website is spiking in activity, it won’t matter to you because they will not be on your server. With shared hosting, this could cause your website to load slowly until their spike is over with.

Second, the security is much better since you don’t share the server. Even with VPS hosting you are sharing a server, and even though VPS hosting is more secure than shared hosting, it is not as secure as any of the dedicated hosting solutions. If security is important you, it is necessary to have dedicated server hosting.

Finally, with all the resources of the server dedicated to you, it is possible to use one of the dedicated hosting solutions to give you new business assets. You can actually own your server and this means you are not renting space or paying for something you can never sell as an asset.

There are many other smaller benefits of having a server all for yourself, but these are the most important benefits you will find. If you want the best possible hosting, dedicated hosting is the only way to go. Here are the three dedicated hosting solutions you can choose from.

Dedicated Hosting Solutions to Fit Any Situation

1. Renting a Server

If you have a smaller budget, then renting a dedicated server might be the best option. You can find as server for as low as $60 a month and even though this price will not provide a very large server, it is a good place to start. Make sure you get enough space and resources from a company that will provide you with great customer support.

2. Managed Dedicated Hosting

Another option is to buy your own server and have another company house it, manage it, and monitor it. You get these same benefits when you rent a server, but you don’t own your equipment. If you buy your servers and you allow another company to manage them, you get the best of both worlds. You won’t have to spend the money to hire a staff to house and manage your server because you will have a company that specializes in these things for you.

3. Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

Finally, you can buy your server and manage it yourself. If you are an individual, you had better have the knowledge to do this and you had better be prepared to monitor the server around the clock. However, if you are a larger company, you can hire an IT staff, house your servers, and let your staff monitor and manage them around the clock.

Choosing the Right One of the Dedicated Hosting Solutions for Your Budget

It will take a very large upfront and monthly budget to buy your own servers and house them with an IT staff. If you can handle this, then it may be a good way to go, but if not, you can certainly work with dedicated server hosting by using one of the other options. Those that cannot afford to buy a server can rent one, but if you want to own one, then choose the managed dedicated hosting solutions.

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