Blog Hosting and Killer Mistakes Bloggers Make

blog-chat-boxWhat is Blog Hosting?
Blog hosting is simply web hosting set up to make it easier for a blogger to put up and manage their blog. This means the blogger has access to the right tools and the right support to make sure their blog looks, functions, and runs properly. There are a handful of good platforms that come with blog hosting, but the most popular choice is WordPress.

Many bloggers decide to start off with a blog because it is an easy way to get their information out to the world and possibly make a little money. This is not a bad idea and many bloggers are highly successful. However, many new bloggers make some very large mistakes that can literally kill their chances for success right from the beginning.

Blogging is not hard and finding the right blog hosting is a great starting point. If you want to make money with your blog you will have to get started with the right foundation. Below are five of the major mistakes made by bloggers that you must avoid if you want to be successful.

The Top 5 Blog Hosting Mistakes Made by Bloggers
1. Free Hosting

By far the worst mistake you can make when looking for and using blog hosting is to go with a free provider. Free blog hosting is absolutely garbage and will not help you become successful. Usually there is some type of trade off like displaying ads on your site that are not yours or a lack of good features to help you make your blog look different than every other blog out there.

2. Subdomain Name

Another big mistake made with blog hosting is choosing a host that makes you use a subdomain name. This happens because bloggers get cheap and refuse to pay for better or more hosting. You cannot host a blog on a subdomain name and expect to gain the same success as if you use your own dot com or dot net domain name.

3. Cheap Hosting

Cheap blog hosting may be better than free blog hosting, but you have to be very careful when the price is under $5 a month. You want to make sure the hosting company is actually going to give you the tools you need and is going to support you. If you take the time to read a few real customer reviews you will get an idea of what type of hosting company you are thinking of using.

4. Platform

Choosing the right platform for your blog is vital. WordPress is by far the most popular and another good choice is Joomla. However, many blogger use Blogger because it sounds good and is owned by Google, but it is not going to give you the same options as WordPress or Joomla will. If you want your blog to look like all the other blogs out there choose Blogger, but if you want it to stand out and be different, then choose a better platform.

5. Type of Hosting

This is a mistake bloggers make a little further into their career as a blogger. If your blog starts to attract a large amount of traffic, you will need to upgrade to either VPS or dedicated hosting. This will cost more, but it is much faster, much more secure, and a better hosting choice overall. In addition, if you stick with shared hosting many of your visitors will experience very slow load times.

Choosing the Best Blog Hosting
The best blog hosting is found within the top ten hosting companies. If you want to find the best blog hosting for your blog simply compare a few of the top choices in the hosting industry. Don’t waste your time with any of the free choices out there and always read a few reviews before you make your final decision about blog hosting.

Hosting For Blogs – Open for Debatei-love-blogs

What You Must Know Before Choosing Hosting for Blogs
With unemployment rates at an all-time high many are trying their hand on the internet to make money and this has forced many to wonder what is the best hosting for blogs? If you are new to blogging or have not chosen a host yet you need to know what you are looking for, what you can expect to spend, and what you must have to be successful as a blogger.

Before we go any further, you need to understand that blogging will not make you rich overnight and many bloggers fail simply because they give up. If you are looking to start making money online you have to treat it like a business and not a hobby. It can still be quite a bit of fun, but if you are not patient you will never make an online income.

Blogging is not exactly easy, but it does not have to be hard either. You can start your own blog and have it live within a day or two. Then, it is all about posting to it, driving traffic to it, and creating a clan of people that love what you have to stay and ache for more.

It all starts with hosting for blogs and you have to choose the right company for this or you may find out the hard way what a low-grade hosting company can really cost you. So, on with the journey towards finding the right hosting for blogs.

What to Look for With Hosting for Blogs
The first thing you have to look for when trying to find hosting for blogs is the actual company. The best way to start your search and cut your research time down considerably is to start with a top ten hosting list from a trusted website. These will all be very similar, but also a bit different as every site has their own opinion as to who is the best hosting company.

However, many times you will see BlueHost, HostMonster, and HostGator on these lists. They are three of the strongest blog hosts out there and they will give you everything you need to get your blog up and running. If you want to really speed up the process you can start by comparing these three hosting companies.

Next, you need to look at what the company offers you. Most likely, you will start with shared hosting, which is fine for now, and this will include many features that are unlimited. You need to make sure you get a good blogging platform with your package as well. The best choice is WordPress and even though it may take you a few days to learn it will give you a great blogging platform for now and for the future.

Finally, you have two more things to look for when searching for hosting for blogs. You need to look at customer reviews and the support of the host. Customer reviews will tell you whether or not people like the hosting company and what to expect. Testing the support will tell you whether they have reliable servers, a friendly staff, and the ability to provide you support whenever you need it.

After you have gone through and looked at all the features, reviews, and the support you can make your final decision. Price really is not a factor considering the range is going to be from $3 a month up to about $15 a month depending on the company and the package. That is not much to invest each month to start an online business of your own.

Hosting For Blogs and Becoming Successful
If you want to be successful with blogging, you have to post regular content on your blog. You also need to have your own domain name hosted on a top company with the best platform you can find. If you combine all of these things, then you have set your foundation for success. Of course, you can use other things to help jumpstart your blog and get more people to it.

Make sure you look into social media marketing, guest blogging, blog commenting, article syndication, and list building to help you become successful with your blog. These are all things that can help you drive traffic to your blog, but remember, it all starts with getting the best hosting for blogs.

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