The Different Web Site Hosting Cost


What to Expect with Web Site Hosting Cost

There are many types of hosting out there and every type has a different web site hosting cost. When you are looking for hosting you have to start by choosing the right type of hosting before you move further with your plan. This is a very important part of your website and if you want to make money online you have to have great hosting.

The first place to start is to find one of the many top ten hosting lists that you can use to read some of the different reviews from. You can read a HostMoster review, BlueHost review, and even a FatCow review. These are some of the companies you will find in the top web hosting choices and you will have plenty of information to help you within these hosting reviews.

The second thing you have to do before we get into web site hosting cost is decide whether you simply need blog hosting or if you need something more complicated like ColdFusion. This is a big decision and you have to know what you really need before you move forward with the plan you have in place.

The last thing you have to know is the difference between good hosting that is reasonably priced and bad hosting that is just simply cheap. This is something that you have to consider because not all web site hosting cost is the same. There are many different types of hosting and they all come with their own set of prices.

The Different Types of Web Site Hosting Cost

1. Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the cheapest website hosting you can get that you pay for. The web site hosting cost on shared web hosting can go anywhere from about $3 a month to $15 a month. This all depends on how many domain names you want to host, how much security you want, and how fast the hosting is. The speed all depends on your bandwidth and the amount of space you have.

2. The Best Blog Hosting

The best blog hosting is usually going to be a higher form of shared web hosting or a lower form of VPS hosting. This is going to run you between $10 and $50 per month if you really want the best blog hosting. The web site hosting cost for a great blog is going to be a bit more than the basic blog host, but it will be worth it if you are trying to make money.

3. Windows Hosting

Windows hosting comes in many forms and this is one of the best types of hosting for the beginners that already use Windows as their platform. It can make for a very smooth transition and this is a good type of hosting to help you get started. The web site hosting cost for Windows Hosting can run anywhere from about $5 to $200 a month depending on what you want.

4. The Best Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting can be different forms of dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. This can be very expensive, but the web site hosting cost is going to be worth it if you need and want great hosting. The best colocation hosting can run from $25 on the low end all the way to well over $1,000 a month. This is because you will either get VPS hosting, rent a server for your hosting, or purchase a server and rent a space for it to be houses in.

5. Joomla Hosting

Joomla hosting is a type of blog hosting that you can get with shared hosting, VPS hosting, or even with dedicated hosting. This is going to be a wide range of web site hosting cost because it can be used with so many different types of hosting and you can get it for $3 a month and up. When it comes to blog hosting Joomla hosting is a great choice.

The Basic Three Options and the Web Site Hosting Cost Involved

The basic three hosting options can be used for blog hosting, ASP hosting, PHP hosting, Joomla hosting, Windows hosting, and even for any other type of hosting you can think of, for the most part. These three options are the shared website hosting, VPS web hosting, and dedicated hosting as well.

The web site hosting cost for shared hosting was listed above and for the VPS hosting will all depend on the amount of space you need. It can start as low as $6 a month and go up to about $150 a month. When you start thinking about dedicated hosting the web site hosting cost can get quite expensive. This option starts around $150 a month and can go up over a couple thousand dollars a month.

You do need to know one more thing before you get hosting for your website or blog. There is a type of hosting that does not cost any money, but it is also worthless. This would be the free Google Website Hosting that is out there. You have to know that Google website hosting may be free, but it is also going to give you very little space and the web site hosting cost that you will incur will be the loss of profits you will suffer.

Understanding hosting is the first step into putting up a successful website and when you understand the hosting you are getting you can do more with it. The other part of hosting is the cost and you have to understand that as well. Knowing that you are getting the right amount of hosting for your cash and this is why understanding web site hosting cost is so important.

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