Using an NVU Template Builder To Build Better Websites

If you are not familiar with what an NVU template builder is, then you have to understand what you are dealing with before you know why you would want to use it. NVU is actually pronounced N-view for “new view” and this is a type of website management. This allows anybody to create and manage webpages very easily without much experience.

The NVU template builder is actually a way to create your own templates very easy and very fast. This is something that has been created to compete with programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. It is able to be sued by anybody with Linux or with Windows, which makes it just as versatile as other systems.

If you were to use this type of template builder with a content management system like Joomla, then you could do many things from the backend of your website that you could not do before. It works very well with Joomla and will make it much easier for you to create a Joomla template to use for your website or blog.

What can an NVU Template Builder do for You?

By using an NVU template builder you can do things like insert PHP codes into a Joomla template, create a directory for this template, create a generic base css file, create an index.html file, update the template whenever you want, and build a zip installation package for the template. These are just some of the main features.

Now if that was bit technical for you, then in short using an NVU template builder will allow you to create the layout and the design of a website or blog very easily. The best part is that since you can create this and make it in to a zip file you can make it easy to install and downloadable.

This means that once you have the template you want designed and ready to go you can share it with friends, market and sell it online, or give it away when someone joins your emailing list. Whatever you decide to do with it is up to you and you have many options other than just using it for yourself.

By using an NVU template builder you will not have to worry about building all the xml files or doing any of the other heavy lifting because the tool does it for you. This allows you more time to concentrate on the actual design of the template itself. It will not fully write the template for you, but it will take care of many of the time consuming tasks that come along with a new template.

How Easy is it to Use an NVU Template Builder?

If you are familiar with anything like Joomla or WordPress, then installing and using an NVU template builder will be very easy for you. You will simply go to tools and click extensions in NVU. Then you will go to install file and select the file. It really is that easy to install it and get it up and ready to use.

Once it is installed you just follow the instructions and you will be able to make your own templates in no time. If you need any help with the installation or with the basic usage of the tool there are many tutorials online that cover just that. These can help you install and use the NVU template builder.

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