The 3 Step Process to Make Sure You are Using Email Marketing Best Practices

email-red-blue-greenEmail Marketing Best Practices and How Important They are
With spam becoming a larger problem than it used to be it is very important that you use email marketing best practices when you do any marketing through email. This is very important or you could get marked as spam enough times that your email management system gets shut down and you end up with a canceled hosting account.

You must start by making all of your subscribers double opt in so that you can have an email campaign that is safe from being marked spam. This also means that your emails will be going out to those that really want to see them and not those that just wanted whatever you were enticing them to sign up with.

The 3 Step Process for Using Email Marketing Best Practices
1. Start with the Double Opt in

You have to start by making sure the people on your list want the information you are going to be sending out through email. If you make them sign up and confirm their email address with you, then you know they are serious about the subject matter. This also eliminate those that try to use a fake email address just to get whatever it is you are giving away to them.

2. Use proper subjects

When you send out your emails do not use spam sounding subject lines or try to trick the reader into opening the email. The worst thing is when you open an email thinking one thing because of the subject and it is about something completely different. If you use a subject line that matches the email you are sending, then more people with open it and read it.

3. Tell them what you are going to tell them first

Those that open your email are interested, but they may not be for long if you do not give them a reason to be. Start your emails off with a bit of a summary of what you are about to tell them. This will give them the chance to get excited about the material in the email right off the bat. If they like what you have to say they will read on.

Making sure you are using Email Marketing Best Practices
You have to make sure you are following the email marketing best practices that are out there because this is the only way to ensure yourself the best chance for long term success. Put yourself in your subscribers shoes and figure out what you would want sent to you and you will be sure to follow all the email marketing best practices.

The Top 5 Email Marketing Tips 2011

Using the Top 5 Email Marketing Tips 2011 to your Benefit
If you do email marketing, then it is incredibly important for you to know the email marketing tips 2011 and use them to benefit you. These types of tips are set up to make your business more successful and help you make the money you are after online. Here are the top 5 tips for your email marketing.

The Top 5 Email Marketing Tips 2011 For your Use
1. Do Not Spam

One of the most important things with email marketing is making sure you are not spamming. Spam is illegal and you do not want to be caught doing it. The punishment comes with a nice large fine and possible jail time.

2. Always use Double Opt in

You will want to use double opt in for your subscriber for a few reasons. One it eliminates those trying to use a fake email to get your free report or anything else you are giving away. Two, it also allows you to make sure your subscribers are serious about what you are sending them and are not going to mark your messages as spam.

3. Use an E-Course

One of the best ways to keep your subscribers reading your emails is to use a 5 or 7 day e-course. This is an email that arrives daily until the course is over and each day is a new lesson.

4. Don’t Promote in every Message

If all you ever do is send out messages that are over promotional, then your subscribers are just going to think you want to make a quick buck off of them. This is not something you want because you will lose subscribers in a hurry.

5. Be Personable

When you allow your subscribers to know little things about you like your favorite football team or food, then you allow them to connect with you a little. This goes a long way to getting your emails opened.

Using the Top Email Marketing Tips 2011
Now, you need to make adjustments to all of your campaigns so that you can use the top tips that you have been given. If you use these along with the knowledge you already have, then you will be able to boost your conversions. These are the top 5 email marketing tips 2011 and they are right here ready for you to use.

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