Why Writing Is a Great Career Choice

I think we are all good SEO writers are quite fortunate because we are have a job that is so enjoyable and has great career prospects also. With a large percentage of the populous unable to write or unable to dedicate their time to writing it leaves a lot of demand for those who can, which is something I am sure we are all grateful of. With good SEO services becoming an increasingly important part of business, good SEO writers have a lot of positive times ahead of them. I think it’s hard to list all of the positives about being a writer, but there is a few that springs to mind more than most.


Some trades come and go as new advances make old methods obsolete and new ones come in to replacement. While typists, for example, were high in demand to commerce and industry the advent of the word processor meant that anybody could now type their own documents. This meant that typists become all but defunct and had to ply their trade elsewhere. For SEO writers however it is difficult to see how the demand will dry up any time soon. It looks as though SEO is here to stay for some time yet meaning good SEO writers will be in demand for some time. . Unless some magical software can be created that can generate killer copy instead of humans, there will always be a demand for skilled Homo-Sapiens tapping away at keyboards.


An SEO copywriter gets to write about just about anything under the sun, and lots of stuff beyond the sun. If any kind of company has a website offering any kind of service or product, the chances are they will need an SEO writer to write for them. SEO can also entail more than just article writing but also writing blogs, web copy, press releases and even Wikipedia pages and social media pages. With sites like Facebook and LinkedIn becoming an increasingly important part of SEO, copywriters are finding their selves with an increasingly diverse range of tasks ahead of them.


How many people would love to have the flexibility that a writer does? My guess is the majority of people that work in a 9-5 job. Many people can only dream of being able to dictate their working day themselves and we get to do so week in, week out. I suspect that most of us take it for granted from time to time, but it’s good to remind ourselves occasionally that in the eyes of many we are living the dream.


SEO is extremely important to many businesses that have websites because even the best website is of little use if nobody knows it exists. The good news is that recent changes implemented by the search engines mean that SEO copy needs be of a better quality than it ever has been before. While it is unfortunate that many of the lesser copywriters would finally be edged out by increasingly demanding search engines, it creates more opportunity to those that do deliver quality. If you are a good SEO copywriter then you have a bright and promising future ahead of you. Just maintain high standards and give the search engines exactly what they are looking for and your services will stay in high demand for years to come.

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