Don’t Let the Idea of Perfection Get in the Way of a Great Blog Post

When writing a blog post it can be all too easy to have the concept of perfection at the front of your mind. The Oxford Dictionary definition for perfection includes:

  • The action or process of improving something until it is faultless

When it comes to writing seeking perfection write from the start can be very bad for your productivity. If you stop every few sentences to go back and correct any spelling errors or make changes to what you have written it can be very difficult to get into the flow of the piece.  In order to create a piece which is easy for others to read it is important to have fluid writing in the first place. So how can you achieve this if every few minutes you are finding it necessary to go back and make alterations before you have even completed the piece?

Let Go of Perfection

The best practice which is very commonly found in the best SEO copywriters is to first create the piece as it comes. Forget about checking it through constantly, leave those spelling mistakes where they are and simply get to the end of the piece.  After you have finished the first draft have a little break, go pop the little on or grab a bite to eat and then get back to it and start your editing. Give the whole piece a read through and correct your mistakes. If you see sentences with grammatical errors fix them and perhaps alter a few words here and there, especially if you have repeated the same ones on several occasions.

Once you have your basic blog post completed remember to consider adding subheadings to help those who skim read to find the information they want in a hurry. Finally work on creating a headline which will be compelling to your readers and help to encourage other to come and read what you have to say.

You Are Only Human

Now from time to time you might find that you miss an error which is picked up on by your readers. Even those who run the most successful blogs on the Internet can be prone to letting the odd mistake slip through their net so do not dwell on this. The Internet is flexible and you can go and correct any mistakes long after the piece has been published online. There is no need to be embarrassed, just thank the reader for making you aware of the mistake, fix it and move on. You are only human, just like all the other writers online.

Leave Some Points Unsaid

When you are crafting a piece it can seem important to add as much information as possible about the topic you are discussing. The problem here is that if you run a blog you can quickly exhaust all of your topics and you also give no room for your readers to become involved in the discussion.

Writing isn’t about perfection; it is about sharing knowledge, information and experiences. Being human is a big part of writing and not many humans can truly say they are perfect, and the same can be said of writers.

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