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An email psychic reading started in your venture to make some extra money online you need to understand a bit about how exactly domain-names and website hosting works.

I’ll also discuss free hosting solutions that can be used and are perfectly OK to help you start off and never have to pay for domains and hosting. Web site basically is really a name by which you key in for your web browser to get into a website.

Google — Free Hosting

For instance is the website name we use to get into the Google website. part at the conclusion is exactly what is known as domain extension there are lots of different extensions you can register, for and many others.

Some domains for (Education) (Government) are restricted for that appropriate professional organizations to register. When registering web site it must not have any special characters, you are able to only use A-Z 0-9 and the – (dash) character. Domain names are very inexpensive with lots of costing normally of 5 per year for registration.

GoDaddy & NameCheap

To join up domains you can purchase them from places for example GoDaddy or NameCheap. Personally , I prefer NameCheap. So how do domain-names work? Every computer or server on the web comes with an ip address the industry group of 4 numbers. An ip address looks something similar to 12.345.67.89. Because they numbers are complicated and difficult to remember, the Domain Name System (DNS) was made. The DNS holds records of each and every website name and which IP address (the ip address of the web host) is associated into it.

As an example the ip address from the web server where my website resides. If you key in for your browser you can see you will get my website. When people type what happens may be the Domain-Name-System points your browser to the IP address

Now that we know how domains work that will help you the actual web hosting. Many website hosting packages are actually gratify and the cost of running a website for 12 months isn’t lots of money.

HostGator — Paid Hosting

My current preferred web host is Prices there start at around 3 per month for any simple package up to 15 monthly for a reseller package. Having a reseller package you can host as many websites as you like (you still have to pay for the domain registration).

After you have signed up for an internet host they will provide you with (usually inside your welcome email) their NameServers. NameServers sometimes are available in the format of the IP address like we discussed earlier or may seem like &

Once you have your Nameservers out of your hosting company you need to login towards the account where you registered your domain name and hang them up. You will find websites available that will permit you to host your site for free, nonetheless they generally don’t allow you to employ your own website name. You’ll be assigned a domain which will look something similar to Two of the most popular and finest free we hosts are and

Each of those also offer great packages for building your site making building a website very very easy. Creating a website generally can be easy and I’d always counsel you to construct a website on your domain and website hosting within the free solutions where possible.

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