Getting Cheap Web Hosting For Small Business Success


Cheap Web Hosting for Small Business Guidance

In some ways it’s a great idea to find cheap web hosting for small business. After all, the point of businesses is to make money, right?  So by using a budget web hosting, you can save money on your online marketing costs.  Yay.  Everyone is happy, right?  Think again, hot stuff.

Is it really worth it to save $50 a year??

I mean, if you’re building a small business online, then you want to have a high-quality website and hosting service.  The problem is, not all of the cheap web hosting for small business sites have great service, especially the no name local services, we’re afraid.  It’s not that they don’t try, they just don’t have the resources in place

So how do you find out where to line up your small business hosting?

How to Find Good Cheap Web Hosting for Small Business

First try checking online reviews (real customer reviews, please) to see what they have to say about different parts of the business. These online reviews can be biased (on some other sites,they will remain nameless…ahem), but in general are a great way to find some cheap web hosting for small business.

Again, beware the cheapest deals and stick with a web host that you have heard good things about and has been around the block.

One thing these reviews might tell you is the history of the company. How long it has been around, how much customers it has, how many employees it has, this will give you an idea if they can roll with the punches, so to speak.

This is crucial. You don’t want to trust your site to a website hosting provider that just opened its doors a few months ago…really, you just don’t.

You want your business website secured by hosting that caters to small businesses and that provides lots of great quality and customer satisfaction because things do go wrong, sorry, they just do, you know that.

Another thing reviews might go over is the price. Sure, maybe company A has the cheapest price, but is it really worth the sacrifice of just a few bucks a month than going with company B?  Usually the answer is “no”.

And don’t forget about server stability. If your small business web hosting provider has bad servers, they might get hacked or go down for various other reasons.  Don’t risk that. Instead just do your homework, find a good, cheap web hosting for small business, one that doesn’t drop it’s quality like it drops it’s pricing.

While it is very important to get reviews and testimonials on cheap web hosting for a small business, it is also important to look at the features and the resources they are offering. The host may be good and reliable, but if they do not offer the features and the resources you need for your website, they will do you no good.

What follows is a listing of the features and resources that must be included in any web hosting plan you sign up for, if you want the best service for your small business:

  • Customer Support – This is an area that is critically important to the well-being of your website. You should be looking for a support team that is available to offer assistance 24/7/365. They should also be immediately reachable by phone, by chat session and also by email.
  • Another important aspect about technical support is that the team members should speak your own language to make communication easier. The Internet has made it possible for a business to be open to the world 24 hours a day, so it is only reasonable to know that your support team is available 100% of the time also.
  • Scripts – Scripts are important for the installation of the blogging platform such as WordPress. A webmaster who needs to install blogs will need the scripts like Fantastico and SimpleScripts to assist in their installation.
  • Also, free website builders will be important to webmasters who need to install websites quickly, and these are usually available at no extra charge.
  • Server Uptime – Most hosting companies will promise a server uptime guarantee of 99% or better. This is critically important to any business website.
  • If as a result of server issues, customers are not able to access the website, then they will leave the site and go elsewhere. If this becomes a repeated occurrence, a business will lose its customers, and it will hurt the business’ bottom line. That should be avoided at all cost.
  • Cpanel – The control panel of any hosting plan is the important point of control for any webmaster looking to manipulate the tasks of his hosting account.
  • CPanel is the state of the art in hosting panels and is the award winning graphical user interface that allows even a novice to manage complex hosting operations such as creating email addresses, databases, creating add on domains and sub-domains, and many other tasks.
  • It has become the standard in the industry,  and as a result of that, if you should need help with using it, that help could from many sources, not just your support team.




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