Why Cheap Windows Hosting Might Just Fit


The Convenience and Popularity of Windows Hosting Packages

In this type of hosting the user’s files are installed on a server which is controlled by Microsoft’s Windows operating system as opposed to a Linux/Unix type web hosting.

Cheap windows hosting is available at a number of hosting companies (LunarPages,1and1)  but we have put together on our website comprehensive reviews for you to access that will help you narrow down the many choices.  Remember, that most of the well known web hosts run Linux servers, mostly because it’s cheaper, and a lot of techno geeks (like us) like Linux, we like open source stuff, it’s just in our blood.

Why Windows Hosting Is Convenient (Cheap Windows Hosting)

  • It is convenient and very popular for personal websites, commercial and also for professional websites. This is so because, where web hosting services is concerned, windows hosting is more user-friendly than others. It is the alternative to Linux based hosting and continues to be an affordable choice in the current cheap hosting environment.  However, running Linux is the cheapest, as has been mentioned.
  • What also makes it convenient is the fact that cheaper hosting providers make it available to many groups including personal website owners, bloggers, and small business owners who can effortlessly and affordably create and publish their own websites.  Spreading the cost around, as usual, brings costs down.
  • In addition, larger and more formal business that seeks managed and dedicated servers also seek out a hosting company that offers Windows hosting also. This allows the businesses to more fully utilize the windows-based designer they may already employ or to easily transfer another site they may have with another host.
  • It is a benefit to many companies because they can easily incorporate other Microsoft products in their websites since many of their customers utilize and own several Microsoft products. Businesses are able to host asp.net sites and also MS SQL based websites on their windows hosting accounts. This powerful functionality can also be rolled into a managed hosting plan.  This is probably the main reason why Windows servers are a competitor at all, Microsoft products will run best on Windows servers.  It just makes sense.

Windows hosting can be provided to businesses of all types and sizes. The approach for finding affordable windows hosting is to seek out the most trusted, reliable, secure hosts on the market, and then  identify their ‘extended’ and ‘basic’ services offered. The features often included here may be cheap windows hosting, high bandwidth, a large amount of memory, ASP.net, free setup, and unlimited email addresses.  As usual, there will be a lot of bells and whistles to get you to sign up.  We think the best course of action is to look for guarantees and sign up with a well known host who’s going to be in it for the long haul.

As you research affordable Windows hosting, be sure to access our webpages here to get the information you need to make an informed decision of the hosting options available to you.  Check our out top 10 web hosting picks as well as our windows picks.

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