Is Google Website Hosting worth the Money?

servers-hosting-wordGetting the right host for your website is an important thing and you need to consider many different hosts before you choose one that will allow you to do what you need to do. One choice is Google website hosting and it is free. However, free does not always mean that it is good.

Typically anything online that is free, when it comes to hosting, means you are going to have to display ads and you will have a small amount of space to use for your website. They try to attract you with tools that make it easy to put up a website, but these types of websites are a dime a dozen.

It is a good thing Google Website Hosting is Free
Why is it such a good thing that Google website hosting is free? Well, if you had to pay for the hosting you get from Google, then you might be pretty upset when you compare other hosting companies like the ones featured on the Top 10 Hosting Companies of 2011 on our site.

After you compare and find out that for less than $5 a month, with most hosting companies, you can get unlimited space to host your site and you do not have to display ads, then you might get upset if you were paying for Google website hosting. However, since it is free you will only be slightly annoyed.

Google Website Hosting – Proof that not everything carrying the Google name is good
Since Google was created it has been a bit of a monopoly on the internet and many marketers follow what Google does very closely. This helps to make sure they can put up websites that fit what Google looks for when they decide to rank them.

Usually something with the Google stamp on it is very good and worth checking out, but the Google website hosting is something that is a complete waste. At the very least you should check out a few other hosts to make sure you get what you need out of your hosting company before you choose.

After you compare a handful of website hosting companies you will see that you have options and most of them are very affordable. There is really no reason to use a free host when you can get so much more for a few dollars per month.

What You Must Know about Google Domain Hosting

Google Domain Hosting – What it is and what it is not
Google domain hosting is a way to get your own domain at the end of your email instead of the Gmail or yahoo that you are used to. This is something that you can use Google domain hosting for, but this is about all you can use it for.

This service from Google is very weak considering you can host your own domain elsewhere and create unlimited email accounts with your domain after the @ sign. This is a service that is very out dated and unnecessary if you are trying to put up your own website and you want to create emails on your domain as well.

Why Google Domain Hosting is so Weak
The biggest problem with Google domain hosting is that many will think that it is good and will sign up just because it carries the Google name. Then, they will find out that this is not the type of hosting they are looking for.

There is always a catch when you are dealing with something that is free and Google domain hosting is no different. It might be free, but this is because you will have ads displayed on your site and you will also have less flexibility than you probably want.

Most of the time when someone signs up for hosting they are looking for a host that will help them host their website along with their email and all their other needs in one place. Plus they want full control over what their site looks like and the code that is on it.

If you are unsure of what you are looking for when it comes to hosting, then you need to have the do your research and be an informed consumer. Do not just choose the first hosting package that you find because it is free. This could spell disaster for your website.

Choices that are better than Google Domain Hosting
If you want real hosting that is going to give you all the flexibility you could want along with the email addresses you want attached to your own domain name, then you need to consider a hosting service other than Google domain hosting.

There are many other choices you can use to get the right type of hosting for you. Just take a look at our list of the Top 10 Web Hosting Companies for 2011. This will give you an idea of how affordable hosting can really be and how much more you can get when you don’t use Google domain hosting.

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