Blogger Vs. WordPress – The Great Debate

When comparing Blogger Vs. WordPress you have to start by looking at the price. These are both top platforms to use for a blog and they both offer many different things. Blogger is free to use, whereas WordPress usually comes with a hosting package you pay for. There is a free version of WordPress, but it is not nearly as powerful as what you get with paid hosting.

The question you have to ask yourself is, what am I giving up to get Blogger for free? Well, there are a few things you will not get with Blogger since it is free. One, you will not be able to use your own domain name. Two, your space will be limited. Three, your blog will look very similar to every other blog on the Blogger platform.

When you spend even $3 a month for hosting and you get WordPress instead of Blogger you get a platform that can be installed on your domain name, will only be limited by the hosting package you choose, and will allow you to customize the look of your blog and make it your own. It is much harder to spot a WordPress blog than it is a Blogger blog.

Blogger Vs. WordPress – Better Options?

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Blogger gives you all the tools you need to put up a blog, host it, and get your message out there. However, you cannot put your own AdSense ads on the blog and keep all the profits. This may not make sense since Google actually owns and runs Blogger, but they do a profit share with any Blogs hosted with Blogger.

With WordPress you can put up your ads and keep every bit of the commission. This means you can make more money if you plan to use Google AdSense to make money from your blog. Part of choosing Blogger and paying zero cost is the tradeoff of lower commissions for your hard work from Google. This is just something you will have to live with if you cannot afford to spend $3 a month for the most basic hosting package including WordPress.

When you are setting up WordPress online you will be amazed as to how easy it is do but some people will also say the same thing about Blogger. Both of them seem to very easy when it comes to setting up. However, the one awesome thing is that WordPress does have lots of plugins available that you can use and tools to help you get started. Blogger has a few tools that can help you with setting it up but some people might say that WordPress just seems to be overall very user friendly compared to what all Blogger has to offer but it really does depend on what you want to do with your website.

Another thing Blogger will do, that you don’t have to deal with when you use WordPress, is monitor your blog. If they decide your content is not suitable to be hosted on Blogger, then they will cancel your account. This means all your hard work will be lost and you will have nothing to show for it. You don’t have to deal with this when you use WordPress.

WordPress will allow you to host your content on any hosting company that provides this platform as an option. This means you can use your blog for anything you want without the worry of having your account suspended or deleted. If something were to happen to your hosting company they will have a backup ready for you to use with your next host and since you own your domain name you can transfer without missing much time at all. It is extremely important to have this kind of backup because you never know when something could happen so just keep that in mind whenever you are picking out a hosting package. You should always back things up and if you are not able to back things up you might be putting your business and website at risk and you don’t want that to happen. You never know when something suddenly might happen and you will need all of those files again and that is why it is very important for you to back things up. You always hear about backing up your files on your computer but the same also goes with the website that you have.

The final thing Blogger certainly does not give you that WordPress does is the ability to use tools to promote and customize your blog. You don’t get plugins, custom themes, and widgets to use with Blogger like you do with WordPress. Sure, Blogger gives you a few tools, but WordPress offers thousands of powerful plugins and much more for you to use.

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Blogger Vs. WordPress – Who Wins?

This is not even a contest if you really look at the two platforms and it is surprising that Google has not started to offer a better and more competitive form of Blogger. Maybe they are too busy trying to compete with Facebook to worry about whether or not Blogger is out dated or able to compete. Regardless, Blogger is not the best choice for your blog and you will be lucky to achieve the success you are looking for with Blogger.

Instead, when you look at Blogger Vs. WordPress you can choose WordPress for all your blogging needs. This will require a hosting account that offers this platform, but they are all over the internet. Just choose the one that fits best for you and when you go with WordPress you will have more power than if you choose to go with Blogger.

There really is nothing too good to say about Blogger other than, it is free. WordPress does not cost you extra, once you purchase hosting, and having hosting for your own domain name is much better than being stuck on an ugly subdomain name from Blogger anyway. In the debate between Blogger Vs. WordPress, WordPress comes out on top every single time.

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