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Facebook Features You May Not be Using

Are you using all the Facebook features at your fingertips? Do you know the true power of Facebook? Many people have no idea how powerful Facebook can really be, but after you read through this post you will understand the features you may be missing out on.

Facebook is not just for socializing, finding friends, chatting, reconnecting, and announcing what you are up to. There is so much more to the site than just using it on a personal level. Many businesses are not just on Facebook, but it has become a huge part of their marketing. Even though Facebook was started as a social site for college students, it has grown into a viable way to market and expand a business.

The Top 7 Facebook Features You May not Be Aware of

Facebook Features

1. FanPage

The first thing you have to do if you own a business, run a website, have a blog, or do anything else to make money, is create a Fanpage. This is a page within your personal account, but also separate. It can be named after your business or website and it will allow others to become a fan of your business or website. This is where it all starts with Facebook marketing.

2. Tagging

Many people are aware of the Facebook features allowing them to post pictures, but did you know you can tag the people in the pictures. Not only can you tag people in them, but also if you tag the picture with a friend’s name you can share it with them. This is great if they are not in the picture, but you want to make sure they see it anyway.

3. Post a Video to your Status

Did you just find the most hilarious video on YouTube? You can share it right on your Facebook page just by clicking the link on YouTube below the video for Facebook. If this does not work one of the Facebook features you can use is to copy and paste the video link into your status. After a few seconds, it will display the video and allow you to write anything you want.

4. Create a Poll

Are you curious what your friends and family may think about you cutting your hair? Create a poll and ask them to vote on a few different options. This is a great feature you can use to help you make decisions you are just unsure of.

5. Create an Event

Instead of spending money on invitations or trying to track everybody down for your next party or get together, use Facebook. One of the Facebook features will allow you to create an event and invite the people you want to attend the event. This will help you to see who is coming, who is not, and who may be showing up.

6. Block the Creeps

Have you ever been stalked on Facebook by someone creepy? Did you know you can block them from contacting you, seeing your profile, or interacting with you at all? One of the lesser known Facebook features allows you to go right into the security of your account and add anybody you want to your block list.

7. Customize the Design of your Page

If you have a Fanpage or you just want to add a bit of customization to your Facebook page you can do so. There are many different ways to go about changing the way your page look and you can add many different things to your page. This is not hard to do and many YouTube videos will show you how to do this for free.

Harnessing the Power of the Facebook Features

The final one of the Facebook features is aimed directly at the business and website owners. You can actually use the Facebook advertising to display your ad for the demographic you choose. This can be narrowed down by age, gender, interests, and more. If you have not tried this one of the Facebook features, it is highly recommended.

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