The future of I.T. in 2012 and beyond

The Information Technology (IT) industry  used to be known for being flooded with jobseekers and jobs never came easily if you were looking for something to do with computers. I speak from experience when saying that, because it took me about a year to land a job where companies were looking for experience over fresh new brain cells. This has all undergone a massive change in the last year or two, because there are now various kinds of IT jobs popping up all over the world.

The thing with IT is that certain factors change almost every day in this industry, and people are forced to keep up with its rapidly changing pace. This is, of course, difficult if you are working in two different departments of a business and you will need to get more staff to help out with a certain area, instead of bombarding yourself with too much work that you can’t handle. I recently read an infographic about the future of I.T, in which the author interviewed about 500 IT professionals to get their views on this. I want to highlight some of the top points that I took out of the graphic.

Looking for an IT job

One of the sections was on how to find an IT position. Networking came up as the best way to find one and I have to fully agree with that. Attending various conferences and seminars that revolve around your industry and chatting to the people involved would make you raise a few eyebrows in the place. I do believe that you have to think about what kind of job you are looking for before you actually go looking for it though.

If you want a social media job, you are going to have to have a good social media portfolio yourself, before anybody will accept you. You would need to have accounts on all the major social media platforms and must be very active to show that you know what you are doing on these sites. Another thing that played a big role was recommendations. Even though you and your boss are probably not the best of friends anymore, I am sure they are still willing to offer you a good recommendation based on how you worked at the company.

The way IT is heading

IT has evolved so much over the past decades that it’s hard to believe that there ever was a Windows 3.1 with the likes of Windows 7 around. The one thing that more and more people are starting to use is the cloud storage options that save users from having to carry hard drives between two different places.

Now you can just store everything online (well if you are not trying to store thousands of terabytes that is) and access it from any computer with an internet connection. Another thing that is going to be big in the years to come is the use of mobile devices for all your internet and computing needs. The iPad is a hit in many countries and is a fine example of how tablets are slowly but surely taking over from the desktop PC and notebooks.

Reasons IT people love their IT jobs

In closing, I want to tell you about why us IT guys love our nerdy jobs. Our jobs give us the ability to learn new things everyday and grow our knowledge as the industry grows. Like I said earlier, the industry goes through changes almost every day, even if it’s only a slight change. We can work around our tasks easily and shuffle or change them as we please.  Most of our bosses are not very strict like the ones you would find in a corporate office and lunch time gaming is the norm in most IT offices.

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