Project Management Techniques to Aid your PPC Campaign

One of the main areas a project manager has to have covered is the overall strategy for the project at hand. The planning must make the project as efficient and cost-effective as possible, something which should be included in planning any PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign you may run to ensure that your finances are best used, so you receive the best return on your investment.

So what project management traits would be beneficial for planning and managing your own PPC campaigns? We take a look at some key areas.

Goal Setting

It is important to always have a goal in mind, without it how are you able to measure success? However, a project manager must be able to set goals for different levels and scope of a project, being able to look at it from high and low levels.

Experienced project managers can factor in possible stumbling blocks when planning long term goals, including taking into account trends in searches and usage, without taking their eyes off of more immediate goals and challenges.

Goals can also be used as a great motivating method for staff as well as benchmark for checking how your keywords and ads are performing, as well as letting you know when is best to move on to any further stages in your campaign plan.

Know Your Data

PPC campaigns are littered with a potential minefield of data. By knowing about what the data represents and how it is communicating to you the performance of your campaign you can make better judgements as to how to alter and update it so you know that you are spending your budget wisely.


Project managers are often the communication hub of a project; connecting many different developers and stakeholders and ensuring the right people get the right information. Large PPC campaigns are no different, especially when working with a multi-specialist team.

Communicating the results and progress of the campaign to the client is just as important, as if they don’t understand what is being told to them they are far less likely to be willing to carry on the campaign for long. Breaking data down into measurable performance based facts and being able to translate what is going on to different skill sets is vital.

Professional Approach

It isn’t just the role of a project manager to set out what must be done and how it is achieved, they have to ensure that it is followed through and there aren’t any empty promises made to the client that are neglected.

Keeping to your word and plan will aid customer service, making sure that the customer is more than happy with the service you have provided. This alone will help to build a positive reputation which can aid you in attracting new customers and growing your operations.


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