Should you Choose a Smartphone or Tablet?

When it comes to choosing between a smartphone or tablet, many people don’t know where to start. The fact is, both smartphones and tablets come with their own benefits and restrictions, and making a choice between the two can actually be easier said than done. By making a thorough comparison, however, you can ensure that the device you end up choosing is the one that is right for you.

Phone Capabilities

Perhaps the most important thing to take into consideration when choosing between a smartphone or tablet is phone capability. Smartphones, of course, can be used in the same way that a regular cell phone might, whereas tablets typically do not have this function built-in. That said, tablets can be used to communicate via Skype and other, similar applications. Still, these programs have their limitations, and often make communicating on the fly more difficult than it might be with a smartphone. As a result, those who are looking for phone capabilities will do best purchasing a smartphone rather than a tablet.

Screen Size

Many people find using smartphones to be difficult specifically because of the size of their screens. Smartphone screens are extremely small in comparison to tablets. As a result, watching movies or TV shows is typically much more enjoyable when using a tablet, as it causes less strain to the eyes. That said, some like the small screens typically found on smartphones, as it allows the device to be neatly stashed in one’s pocket throughout the day; something that simply cannot be done with tablets. If you travel a lot and size is an issue, you may find that a smartphone is a better option for you. That said, you’re likely to prefer the larger screen size of a tablet if portability is not a factor.


Tablets and smartphones are constantly becoming more advanced. Indeed, there is somewhat of a competition happening between companies that create these devices. As a result, speed and performance are quite high-end on both smartphones and tablets. Since tablets have a bit of extra space to work with, however, they tend to be more robust than smartphones. Thus, tablets are the ideal format for those who like to play games or watch movies, especially given the fact that they have larger screens than smartphones. Nevertheless, a smartphone is a fine option for those who care about performance, as the latest smartphones are faster than ever before.


Believe it or not, smartphones and tablets are actually priced quite similarly to one another. While one might expect a tablet to be more expensive than a smartphone, the phone capabilities present in the latter warrant a higher price than most people think. That said, you can get a great deal on a smartphone by signing a contract with a mobile provider; something that typically cannot be found in the tablet world. If saving money is high up on your list of priorities, you may want to consider forgoing a tablet in lieu of a smartphone.

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