The Future of Technology: Could Everything Become Smart?


What is the True Future of Technology?

We now have smart phones, smart cars, smart appliances, and so much more, so what is the future of technology? Could we possibly see some of the things we see in the movies and end up with smart cities? Would it be possible to see advertisements in cities that actually are targeted directly to an individual’s interests?

Humans have become very reliant on computers for nearly everything we do and with MIT trying to develop the first smart city we may see some of the most amazing things coming very soon. This could include a smart economy, smart governance, smart lifestyle, smart environment, and so much more.

It would be much like a grid system that could control things like traffic flow, air conditioning, heating, and more. This would plug us all into the world around us and remind us in different ways of what we are doing and what is going on around us. Everything would become streamlined and automated.

Is this the Future of Technology and How Soon?

The Future of Technology

Many areas across the world are already starting to use some of this type of technology. Asian areas have adapted parts of their world to become automated and “smart”. MIT is working very hard to figure out how they can do many of these things here in the United States and with the intelligence embedded in our everyday devices; we have taken a huge step forward.

If you have not noticed this yet, then pay attention and you will see that things of this nature are already happening. When you visit a website some of the advertisement will already switch to target whatever you have been recently searching for instead of what is actually on the site. They can do this by seeing your browsing and purchasing habits through cookies installed on your computer by different websites.

We also have the future of technology popping up within the cards we drive. They are not embedding a chip into the key that will store all of our preferences, can start the car before you are even in it, unlocks the door without using the key, and can even make the car work completely without ever taking the key out of your pocket.

A big reason why many researchers are trying to push the world this way has to do with the environment. With all the belief that we may run out of some of our most precious resources in the near future many are trying to push us to a more efficient way of using renewable energies instead of gas and electricity.

Most likely, we will see some of the future of technology pop up in shopping malls and large buildings before it takes over full cities. Of course, some shopping malls and skyscrapers are like their own little cities, anyway.

Will The Future of Technology Affect your Privacy and Security?

If computers could simply access everything they need to know about you in order to put the right advertisement in front of you and make the world more suited to what you enjoy, then yes, it will affect your privacy and security. However, just like the cookies on your computer it will not be perfect.

For instance, if you work from home and you are researching baby strollers for a project you are doing, then all the advertisements you will see on many websites will be about baby strollers. What if you don’t even have children? These advertisements are no longer targeted towards you and they will not change until you research something else or clear your cookies.

It is not foolproof and neither will most of the new and talked about technologies. There is always a way around the system and if privacy and security become a huge issue we will see some sort of uprising, at least in the United States. Most people will not stand for the future of technology if it knows too much about them.

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