Xen VPS Web Hosting Services – What can they Provide?


Understanding What Xen VPS Web Hosting Services Are

Figure out whether Xen VPS Web Hosting Services are for you or not is important and you first much know what these services are. Basically the VPS stands for virtual private server and it is all about being able to host multiple hosting accounts on the same server while providing benefits like they were on their own server.

Many different platforms have been created to try and perfect this and they all have weaknesses and strengths. This is also causing quite stir online and many have started discussing it at great length. Even with all the different choices Xen seems to be the one that is better than many of the other platforms for VPS hosting.

The reason Xen VPS Web Hosting Services are considered to be better than many others is the flexibility Xen provides and the architecture known as “paravirtualizatoin”. This basically means that the Xen has more than one layer, which provides each account on the server its own virtual operation system. This allows the resources of the server to no longer be static and gives the user a better hosting option. In plain English this creates a very robust VPS server for those using it.

The Top 3 Xen VPS Web Hosting Services

Xen VPS Web Hosting Services

1. Crucial Paradigm

Many are raving about the Xen VPS Web Hosting Services and most are talking about Crucial Paradigm. This service gives you access to many packages that will basically double themselves, but they certainly don’t go overboard with it. For the right customer nearly every package they offer can be considered a good deal for the money.

Their top level package is $199/month and comes with 8GB of Ram, 4TB/month of storage, and access to all of four of the machine’s cores. This package is called the CP-Xen-8192. Of course, you don’t have to start with the largest package out there and you can even start with a package under $10. The control panel is very user friendly and you can customize it to your liking.

2. BudgetVM

BudgetVM is another one of the Xen VPS Web Hosting Services you can choose to go with. They offer 11 different packages and it can get quite large in a hurry. Most are not going to be able to fork over nearly $2,000 a month so there is no need to talk about the package giving you 64TV of bandwidth. However, the lower packages start around $20 a month and will give you 1GB of Ram, 1TB of bandwidth, and 40GB of disk space.

The Xen platforms they have run on 11 Linux variants and they have four locations. The only downfall to using BudgetVM is the cPanel and the DirectAdmin are considered add-ons and you pay monthly fees of $20 and $20 respectively for these services.

3. ProVPS

ProVPS is one of the better choices if you want to know how many people are going to be on your server. They are one of the only companies offering a guaranteed maximum amount of accounts per server. The best part is the larger the package you choose, the lower number of users you have to deal with on your server. They have certainly gone the extra mile and deserve a look if you are interested in Xen VPS Web Hosting Services.

Why Choose One of the Xen VPS Web Hosting Services?

Instead of your average shared hosting with VPS hosting you get more options, more resources, and more security. However, you do have to remember that having multiple accounts on one server is always going to leave you more vulnerable than if you have your own server. Those looking for the best hosting they can find should certainly consider one of the Xen VPS Web Hosting Services.

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