The Top Tips for Improving Your Conversion Rate

If you run a business, you already know that a quality website can be the best tool in your marketing arsenal. However, many business owners overlook the fact that they don’t necessarily need more visitors to their site to get even better results. Instead, they just need to convert more of their existing flow of visitors to leads or customers.

If you’re wondering what you can do to accomplish this goal, here are some of the top tips:

Don’t Assume You Know What Customers Want

Most business owners think they know exactly what their customers want. It’s important to note that this isn’t the result of being cocky. Instead, it’s the natural assumption they make as a result of being passionate about what they do and involved with it on a daily basis.

While it’s easy to understand why so many business owners feel this way, the truth of the matter is the data shows otherwise. CityCliq believed their customers would want to feel empowered about expanding their businesses. As a result, they originally used “Businesses grow faster online” as the headline on their homepage. However, when they A/B tested this against a seemingly plain headline of “Create a webpage for your business,” they found that the conversion rate for the latter headline was nearly twice as high!

Find Ways to Reassure Visitors

Because most people have had to deal with a significant amount of spam on more than one occasion, they don’t want to give their email address out to just anyone. And since there’s only one Amazon, if you’re asking visitors to immediately make a purchase through your website, you need to demonstrate to them that their financial information is going to be 100% safe at all times.

One of the best ways to demonstrate the safety and security you offer is to show visitors that other people have already ordered from you. The way to do this is by adding testimonials to your landing pages. When someone can see that they’re not the first person to do business with you, their concerns about keeping their financial information safe will be alleviated.

There are several options when it comes to adding testimonials to your site. The most basic is to add a quote with a name. The next level of sophistication is to add a customer’s picture next to their testimonial. Finally, the most advanced testimonial and the format that consistently provides the best results when tested is a video. Even though you may never see your customers in person, keep in mind that there’s no reason an enthusiastic customer can’t use their iPhone to video themselves giving a testimonial and then email it to you.

People Like Buttons

There’s something about attractive website buttons that draws in visitors like bees to honey. If the main goal of your site is to collect email leads and you have a default “Send” button that’s small and gray, it’s time to upgrade. Not only do you want a larger and more colorful button, but you also need a stronger call to action. When Vendio replaced their landing page contact form with an attractive button that lead to their contact form, their submissions increased by 60%.

Have you done any A/B testing on your website?

Craig Klein is the top dog at Sales Nexus in Houston Texas. Sales Nexus is a online CRM solution software that also provides email marketing solutions.

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