Words: Who Needs Them?

SEO copywriting could drive you crazy.  You’re trying to cater to the uncertain needs of algorithms and balance that against the unfortunate fact that humans are involved as well.  Words don’t really matter that much. Or do they?  Can’t you just put some words together, grab a search engines attention and hope for the best?  Certainly that seems to be the approach that some people take to SEO copywriting but while the robots may lap up every word, what about the humans?

Understanding how important and how complex our relationship with words is can help to understand just how powerful they are.    Unfortunately understanding that concept can call for some crazy ideas but crazy isn’t always bad, is it?  Certainly without mad scientists we’d still be advertising our products on cave walls and those products would largely consist of sticks to hit stuff with.  So let’s try some crazy thinking and see where it gets us.  Don’t be frightened, crazy thinking is fun and harmless; mostly.

Weapons of choice

Which invention is the more deadly, the atomic bomb or the condom?  Which is more efficient?  Well given that a condom can prevent 300 million potential people in one go it’s probably a winner.  Atomic bombs are much more expensive, they cause more collateral damage and you could hardly call them a preventative.  Yet if you have a pack of condoms lying around you’d probably not notice them.

If you had an atomic bomb in the bathroom cabinet it would certainly cause comment and possibly a visit from “Special Forces”.  As you’re probably wondering, I’d better explain this has nothing at all to do with SEO copywriting, the point of this paragraph is to get you thinking about all those little, but massively important things, that we overlook every single day.  If you got that point it’s time for a little thought experiment.

Don’t try this at home

Or anywhere else for that matter, it could kill you.  Imagine you set off home from work and from the moment you leave the office door you close your eyes when you see a word.  Keep your eyes closed and continue on your way until you think it is safe to open them without seeing another word.  If, when you open them, you see another word close them again.  How long do you think it would take you to get home? The normal amount of time?  Hours?  Weeks? Never?  Probably you’d get run over a short distance from the office door by a bus with some copywriting on it.

Now if you did bring the valuable lesson from the second paragraph to the third, you might see where all this is going.  We overlook the smallest things around us, those that are so familiar they don’t really deserve comment.  Yet it’s probably those very same things that make the biggest difference in the world.  Got there yet?  Yes, words are everywhere, always with us and of course, being human, we overlook them.

Handle with care

SEO copywriters understand words, where and when to put them, not just for impact on the robot world but the human one too.  SEO copywriting, or any writing for that matter, is a little like one of those scientific formulas you see on films about incredibly clever people who invent things like atomic bombs:  Word + Right Place + Right Time + X = Sale.  The X factor in this case is the most difficult part.

It could stand for engagement, it could stand for trust or it can even stand for “no, no, please don’t click away from my website”.  It stands for the part of your website that’s optimized for humans.  That’s the important bit using those annoying, silly, unimportant little things like words that get everywhere and are so easy to overlook.

Don’t be in any doubt that words used in the right place, the right time and handled by an expert, can change the world.  Sometimes even four little words like, for example, “I have a dream” can change history.  Don’t overlook the words you use on your website and always be sure that they are handled with care, by expert SEO copywriters.  Even if some of them seem a bit mad.

Apple Copywriting provides SEO copywriters who know exactly how powerful words can be and where to put them.  While words may be everywhere, they are often overlooked.  Make sure that yours aren’t.


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