5 Steps to Starting your own Web Based Business

wordlwide businessWhy Would you Want to Start a Web Based Business?
There are many benefits to starting a web based business, but if you do not do it correctly you could miss out on many of these benefits. You are going to need to know what it is going to take to make money online with your business and you need to understand the benefits you can get as well. Here are some of the benefits of starting your own web based business.

1. Work from Home

There is nothing like working from home and having the freedom to work when you want and control your income. This is a great thing and when you have a family you can spend more time with them and you can set your own hours. Working from home is one of the major benefits and when you have an online business you will get to experience this benefit.

2. Can Start Part Time

It is not always easy to start a web based business and go right into it full time. This is why many people love that they can start with just a few hours a week and slowly build their business until it replaces their full time income. You can either start with your business online full time or part time and this is a benefit of the internet based businesses.

3. Very Low Overhead

Without the internet you would need anywhere from about $50,000 up to millions to help you get a business up and running. However, when you open a web based business your overhead can be as little as $20 to get you started. Technically you can start for free, but it is much better if you at least invest in just a couple of things.

Below you are going to find a very basic five step program to help you start your own web based business. This is going to be a plan that you can take and mold into what it is you want to do. Basically if you use this plan you could open a business that carries inventory or one that does not. It is up to you and here is the quick start plan for your business online.

The 5 Step Plan to Help you Get your Web Based Business Started
1. Get a Domain Name

The first thing you have to do if you want to be online with your business is get a domain name. Depending on what your goal is and the business model you are going to use, it may be smart to get a domain name with your company name or you may be using a business model that needs a keyword rich domain name.

Your domain name is going to help you with branding, recognition, and with ranking on the search engines. This is very important because this is going to help you create the traffic that will help to build your sales and your profits. Start by figuring out what type of domain name is and purchase at least one domain name.

2. Hosting

The next thing you need to do is get hosting. There are different types of hosting from blog hosting, ColdFusion hosting, and even the more advanced and expensive dedicated hosting. You need to find the right hosting for your domain names and your business. This can make a huge difference in whether you start on the path to success with your web based business or not.

Hosting is like the foundation that you are going to build your house on, if the house is your domain name. You want to make sure you do not choose free hosting or the cheapest website hosting you can find online. You want to make sure you get hosting from a top web hosting choice and you can learn about one of the best from the HostMonster review.

3. Choose a Business Model

There are many online business models and you can choose from for your website or blog. You can put up an online store or you can use affiliate marketing. Another choice is to put up advertising and content on your website. This can help you make money and you can choose from a variety of different versions of these business models.

4. Choose a Marketing Method

Now that you have a business model it is necessary to choose a method of marketing that will fit your business model. If you are running an online store you could sell a few items on eBay to gain customers or advertise your products on the free classified ad sites. However, the best marketing method is to use search engine optimization and content.

Content is what most people go online for and information is the reason the internet exists. If you put up quality content that is based around keyword phrases on your website or blog you are going to be able to gain search engine ranking and that will give you traffic, which leads to sales and profits.

5. Put it all Together

When you go about putting it all together you will want to have a full business and marketing plan that you can follow all the way through to success. Make sure you do your research and get sound advice. Avoid anything that sounds too good to be true and avoid anything that is not going to bring you long term success.

Building a Web Based Business for the Long Term
The major thing to understand about the web based business you are going to start is that it is not going to make you rich overnight. You need to get this through your head right now because too many people start their web based business and end up failing because they give up way too soon. Do not plan on making a single dime for at least 6 weeks.

This does not mean that if you start a web based business you will not make money in the first 6 weeks, but you really should plan on putting any profits from your first 6 weeks to first year back into your business. This will help you build your business for the long run and it will keep you working hard on getting content up on your website or blog.

When you look at the long term and you work hard to build your business you will be able to experience many of the benefits of running a business online. However, many get sucked into thinking that the short term is more important, when it is not. Make sure you grow your web based business at a pace you can handle and do not give up on it too soon.

What to Expect with Different Hosting Packages

How to Choose One of the Hosting Packages for your Project
When you start looking into the different hosting packages you will figure out that there are many different type of hosting offered by the top web hosting companies. However, there are three main types of hosting that you need to know about. These are where you are going to find most of your packages and here is a quick little summary for each.

Shared Web Hosting

Within shared web hosting you will have hosting packages that include unlimited domain hosting, unlimited space, and unlimited bandwidth. These packages will range from about $3 a month up to around $20 a month. The more expensive packages include more security and sometimes additional tools or resources compared to the cheaper packages.

Shared hosting will put you on a server with many other hosting accounts and the resources of the server will be shared in a “free for all” type of way. This means that if one website needs the resources it will get them and you may lose some of your speed for a few minutes while it is using the resources.

VPS Web Hosting

Another option you will find when you are searching for the best web hosting choices is the VPS web hosting. This is a bit different, but you will still share a server for your hosting. However, you will get a partition of space that is dedicated only to you and this means you will not have to worry about whether or not someone else is using up the resources.

VPS hosting will start around $10 and get more expensive as the hosting packages get larger in size and speed. You want to make sure you get enough space for your project, but you also want to stay within budget. The nice thing about VPS hosting is that it is more secure and it will allow you to grow your hosting with your project.

Dedicated Hosting

The last of the major types of hosting is dedicated hosting. This is the best and the most expensive of all the options because you will actually be purchasing a full server or renting one for your project. With this type of hosting you will not be sharing any part of the server with any other hosting accounts.

You can spend many thousands of dollars a month for dedicated hosting or for a smaller server it can be as little as $150 a month. This is the best hosting and that is why it is so expensive. The quality and the size of the server will make the difference in the price of the dedicated hosting packages.

What are the Different Hosting Packages Best for
If all you want to do is put up a simple website and you are not trying to make money online, then you can use a cheap web hosting package from the shared hosting choices. This will give you enough space, speed, and options to put your website up. You will not need much more than a small package, but it all changes when you decide you want to try to make money from your hosting.

Those that want to use one of the hosting packages for blog hosting can choose between either VPS hosting or shared hosting. However, if you choose shared hosting you want to pay a little extra to get unlimited domain hosting and extra security as well. This will help you to do more with your blog and keep it from being hacked as easily.

Bloggers are better off starting with a smaller VPS hosting package and building up the hosting along with their blog. This will help you to grow your blog and hosting all at the same time and you can upgrade once you fill your current package for just a little bit more each month. VPS hosting will also give you more security and more protection from hackers.

Those trying to make money from a website online can choose from both of these types of hosting as well. However, if you plan to build many websites or you need a higher amount of security you will either want to use VPS or dedicated hosting. Within these you can easily find one of the hosting packages that will fit your budget and your needs.

Regardless of what you are trying to do online you need to figure out which of the different types of hosting is going to be best for you. This will help you to get the right amount of hosting and also it will help you to have the peace of mind in knowing you have a strong foundation for your website or blog.

Choosing One of the Hosting Packages from a Top Web Hosting Package
After you narrow down the type of hosting you need and you have an idea of the budget you want to stay within you can go ahead and decide on the right company for your hosting. This is a very important part of your hosting decision because the company will provide you with support, reliable servers, and the right price for all of it.

You don’t want a company that is not going to be reliable or provide you with fast and professional support. If you start your search by finding one of the lists of the top 10 web hosts you will be able to find a company that will work great for you. This is a good place to begin and there are many of these lists out on the internet.

After you have your list you will find that they have web hosting reviews for each company. If these are non-bias reviews you can use them to help you make the decision for the right company for your hosting. These reviews can help you to understand the different features, benefits, and the reputation of the company you are considering.

Make sure you take your time in choosing a top web hosting company and once you have the company picked out you can work on getting the right package for your hosting. There are many choices out there and you really need to make sure you get one of the best web hosting companies that offers many different hosting packages.

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