3 Types of Good Business Web Hosting for Internet Marketers


Why You Must Have Great Business Web Hosting

If you do not have really good business web hosting, then you are simply setting yourself up for failure. As an internet marketer or even just a business person you have to know that your location is very important. This is true online as well and the location is basically your hosting. If you choose the wrong hosting company it could cost you a large amount of money.

Hosting is vital to your online success and you have to be aware of a type of hosting that can never provide you with the business web hosting you really need. This hosting is going to try to lure you in with a big name and a free price tag. Any smart business person is always going to be a bit skeptical about something that is free and you should be.

This is called Google web hosting and it is the worst type of hosting you can get online. There are many things that Google does very well, but hosting is not one of them. They are the top search engine and the top pay per click search engine, but the Google website hosting is horrible. This is something you want to avoid no matter what.

The biggest problem you will run into with the Google web host is that you cannot host your site on your own domain name. They give you a sub domain and a small amount of space. They try to tell you that it is very good hosting because they give it to you for free and they tell you there will be no ads on your site. This does not make it good.

The Top Three Types of Business Web Hosting

When it comes to the top business web hosting you have to first decide whether you are going to put up a website, a blog, or both. This will make a difference in the type of hosting you get. You also need to know if you are going to be putting up video, interactive applications, or just written content and pictures. This will make a difference in the type of hosting you get as well.

If you need a more advanced type of hosting like ColdFusion hosting or ASP hosting you should read the reviews about these types of hosting. Below we are going to discuss the top three types of business web hosting and this will include the best blog hosting, the best colocation hosting, and the best introductory hosting for beginners.

1. The Best Blog Hosting

Having a blog is a very good part of any online business and some people will make their entire income from blogging. The best blog hosting can give you very good business web hosting and you can use it to host multiple blogs along with using the Joomla hosting platform or the WordPress hosting platform. These are the most popular blog platforms you are going to find.

These two platforms come with the Fantastico script, which will give you everything you need for blogging. If you are looking to become a blogger or use a blog to help you make money online you need to read the BlueHost review and the JustHost review. These two hosting companies will provide you with the Fantastico script and some of the best business web hosting you can get.

2. The Best Colocation Hosting

On the more expensive site of things if you are looking to host a more advanced site or a larger site and blog you will need better hosting than the basic options for blog hosting. Those that need top security will also need a better option and it comes in the form of the best colocation hosting. This is probably the best business web hosting you are going to find bar none.

The best colocation hosting is more commonly referred to as dedicated server hosting. You can either purchase your own server and buy rack space to house it or you can rent a server from a hosting company. You should read the iPage review and the HostMoster review to learn more about this type of business web hosting.

3. Best Introductory Hosting for Beginners

Another type of hosting you should be aware of, especially if you are a beginner, is the introductory option that many of the top web hosting companies offer you. This is going to be about one step above the cheapest website hosting because the cheapest website hosting option that most companies offer will only allow you to host one domain name.

It will be basically the same hosting as the cheapest option, but it will allow you to at least host 5 domain names. This will come in handy later on because you are going to end up building a blog and website. Most likely you will build more than just one of each of these and you will want to have the ability to host them all with the same account.

The Final Decision for Great Business Web Hosting

Making your final decision about business web hosting is not always easy and you really do need to spend the time doing your research. This is where the problem arises because many business owners and internet marketers cannot afford to spend the necessary time it takes to do the research about business web hosting.

This is why there are websites like this one and you can use the top 10 hosting choices on this site to help you figure out what you are going to choose for your hosting. This is a great way to use the research of another to make a faster decision that will still give you the best business web hosting you can find.

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