Can you Really Trust Discount Web Hosting?


What Would You Consider to be Discount Web Hosting?

Discount web hosting can be found all over the internet and it is not always the best choice for your website. Since hosting is such an important part of your online experience and if you are trying to make money with a website or blog you need to have great hosting, which you cannot find if you are looking for discount web hosting.

Those that are in the market for discount web hosting are typically very uninformed as to what good hosting is. All you really have to do is find one of the top 10 web hosting lists and read some of the reviews like the iPage review, the InMotion hosting review, the JustHost review, and even the GreenGeeks hosting review. This will help you to understand what good hosting is.

Even though most of the top 10 web hosting options do offer a form of discount web hosting you can find the best types of hosting from them as well. This will not be the cheapest website hosting, but it will be much better for you than if you get hosting that is not from the top 10 web hosting options and is considered to be discount web hosting.

There are two types of discount web hosting that you must avoid at all costs and you are about to learn about both of them. You will also learn a formula you can use to make sure you find the right hosting for you. This formula will help you to avoid the worst types of hosting and instead find the hosting that can really help you make money.

The Two Types of Discount Web Hosting You Have to Avoid

1. Free hosting

The worst type of discount web hosting you can possibly get is free hosting. One of the most popular choices in free hosting is the Google website hosting that you can use. This is popular because it is Google website hosting and it is free. However, just because it comes from Google and is free does not mean it is good hosting.

Free hosting always has a tradeoff and the trade off with Google website hosting is that you will not have many options, much space, or must speed from the hosting. This means that your site will load slower than normal and it will also be smaller than you might want. This is not good and it can cripple your chances of making money from your websites.

The last thing you simply cannot get with free hosting like the Google website hosting is the ability to use your own domain name for your site or blog. This means that if you choose this type of discount web hosting you will have less of a chance to rank higher on the search engines and get more traffic to your site. Plus it makes it harder to brand your site as well.

2. The Cheapest Website Hosting

When it comes to the discount web hosting that is the cheapest website hosting out there you will not have the options you may need. This is not horrible hosting and you can find it in the form of shared web hosting from many of the top 10 web hosting companies. However, you may not want this for your business for many reasons.

This hosting option is the introductory hosting and is used by many, but if you are serious about running a business you will want better hosting than the cheapest website hosting option that is out there. If you upgrade just to the VPS hosting option you will at least get more security and faster hosting than you get with the shared web hosting option.

However, if you go to the best option that is not discount web hosting you can get the best colocation hosting, which is dedicated hosting. It is going to be expensive and it is certainly not the cheapest website hosting, but it will provide you with more than you get with discount web hosting. You can read the InMotion hosting review to find out more about the best colocation hosting.

The Formula for Good Hosting That is Not Discount Web Hosting

When you avoid the Google website hosting and you also avoid the discount web hosting you can find hosting that is going to give you everything you want. Even if you do not choose to go with the best colocation hosting you can find hosting that will give you more than the discount web hosting will give you.

The first part of the formula to finding great web hosting is to find a list of the top 10 web hosting companies and go through some of the reviews. It is recommended that you check out the GreenGeeks hosting review and you also check out the JustHost review. These are two of the top companies that you will see on the majority of these lists.

Once you start to read the reviews you will probably notice an iPage review and an InMotion review as well, which will lead you to the best colocation hosting out there. This will give you a good starting point and you have to continue to do your research until you find the best hosting for you whether it is discount web hosting or not.

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