Mobile Advertising versus Email Advertising

In the last decade the dynamics of advertising has changed dramatically. Traditional advertising mediums such as television and print have slowly given way to emails and mobile advertisements. One of the biggest advantages of both emails and mobile ads is the fact that they are highly personalized forms of advertisements along with being cost effective and scalable.

This often translates to better conversion rate for the advertiser increasing profit and sales. Mobile advertising and email advertising are often pitted against each other. Both these forms of promotion have their own strengths which make them a favorite with advertisers.

Email Advertising

This has been one of the most popular forms of marketing on the Internet. There are a lot of advantages that email marketing campaign adds to your business. Some of which are


  • Cost Effective – This is a cost effective way of mass marketing as you can reach thousands of people instantly sitting anywhere in the world. In fact you can run an email campaign with no cost as you don’t pay any money to send emails! This isn’t possible on a large scale with mobile advertisement.
  • Scalability – Email advertising can generate immediate business for you which can easily be measured. If you can convince the customers through your emails you can see immediate sales and surge in revenue.
  • Customizable – This is what makes the email marketing such a hit with advertisers. You can customize an email that is being sent to the users on the basis of name, surname and address etc. using email marketing software. This increases the impact of the email campaign as the recipient finds the campaign specifically directed towards him/her.
  • Detailing – An email marketing campaign allows you to take the message across to the audience in detail. You can talk about the specification and advantages of your products and services at length which helps in the recipient making an educated choice.


Mobile Advertising

Traditionally mobile advertising was all about running an SMS campaign but with the advent of smartphones this form of advertising has also undergone dramatic changes as you can use highly interactive mobile advertising modules. This may be in the form or SMS, mobile applications or multi-media messaging. Here are the advantages that mobile advertising offers to your business.


  • Conversion Rate – When it comes to mobile advertisement it has a very high conversion rate. Unlike with email advertisement where the users so often marks your mail as spam or deletes it instantly, mobile advertisement are usually seen which increases the conversion rate.
  • Instant Response – Mobile advertising most often results in instant response from the user as user would take note of the advertisement instantly. This is ideal as mobile phone is always with the users no matter where they are.
  • Applications – Mobile applications have become one of the smartest ways of marketing as these applications are downloaded by the users who have interest in your products and services.
  • Viral Growth – SMS spread virally from one user to another and thus you might start a campaign and it would spread like a chain reaction among other users.


It is very difficult to choose between mobile advertisement and email advertisement as both these mediums have their own pros and cons. If one has more effective reach, the other offers customers with detailed information required to do the job. For any business to do well in today’s world a mix of email and mobile advertisement is definitely advisable. You need to hire the services of professional mobile and email advertisement companies for the job. Getting it done by amateurs will nullify the impact of the campaign.

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