Why Paid Web Hosting Companies Are Better than Free

When selecting web hosting for your business, the best choice is the host that provides features that are essential to your business’ smooth operation and security. Free web hosting choices are not good choices because they do not provide sufficient disk space, they may have slower servers, inadequate or no technical support, and ad banners would be placed on the website in exchange for the free space granted.

Then there is very cheap web hosting whose services are little better than free hosting. Professional paid web hosting is the only true option for those operating a serious business website. With this type of hosting you will be provided with a large amount of disk space, high bandwidth, and site options that facilitate your making money.

Added Value of Top Web Hosts

  • cPanel for the handling of complex web management functions through a user friendly graphical interface.
  • Unlimited email addresses, and the ability for email forwarding.
  • 24/7 technical support that is responsive, efficient and effective and is reachable by telephone.
  • Unlimited access to such features as CGI-scripts with a CGI-BIN directory built into the site, FTP, and Tel-Net. Access to CGI in paid hosting should always be possible, and if it is not, look elsewhere for your hosting.
  • Fast loading servers in a paid hosting package shows the presence of quality connections.
  • Unlimited service from host with no contract is the most favored situation. In the event that you decide to use the services of another host, you will not suffer with the hindrance of a contract still in force.
  • 30-day money back guarantee will be offered by top quality web host in the event you are not completely satisfied with the services provided. Having such a policy speaks volumes for the professionalism and the quality of the host.

These are the value features you will find in paid web hosting companies. Attempting to utilize free or very cheap hosting in order to save money is a decision you will regret if it does not provide your website’s needs or its needs in the future. Access the many excellent resources online that provide information on web hosts, but also read our webpages here for recommendations on the top hosts in the industry.


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