Finding the Best Multi Domain Hosting


Benefits of Multiple Domain Hosting

Multi domain hosting describes the hosting of several independent domains that point to separate websites which are independent from one another. They have separate and different file structures but are all contained in the same single hosting account of the hosting company.

This type of hosting is generally available from most reputable hosting companies and applies to all plan levels,  from shared hosting plans through the top rated dedicated hosting plans.

Facts on Hosting Multi Domains

  • cPanel Management – The hosting account comes with a managing cpanel for your main domain. The cpanel is a graphical user interface that is utilized to manage the complex operations of the website by simply clicking on the mouse.
  • The cpanel allows you to create databases, email addresses, sub-domains, installation of CMS scripts such as WordPress and many other functions. You can also create subfolders for other domains and carry out the same processes as you can for the main domain.
  • This makes the control of many domains possible from just one control panel rather than many as would be the case if you had to open a different hosting account for each domain you needed to host.


  • Reselling Web Space – If you allocate web space to your clients on your server and need to provide them with their individual cPanel, a hosting account with just multi domain hosting is not the answer since you only get one cpanel with such a plan.
  • However, should you not want to provide control panels to your clients, then this type of hosting will be adequate to your needs, and it would also reduce your hosting cost since you will not need to upgrade to another plan to accommodate your clients.
  • If however you need to provide your clients with their own cPanel, the solution would be to upgrade to a reseller hosting account. In this type of account you will be able to provide a separate area on your server for your clients, and they will have access to their own cpanel from which they can manage their one or their many domains as they see fit.
  • Cost Savings – An obvious benefit of multi domain hosting is that it saves a lot of money to be able to host several domains as cheaply as to host just one. Many hosting companies will charge just $7 to $10 for the hosting of many domains.
  • A downside to hosting all your domains on the same hosting account is that if the traffic to the sites increases significantly, the bandwidth may be severely exceeded and it would limit access to the sites and the host may suspend them or shut them down altogether.
  • The solution is to upgrade the hosting, but it should not get to that situation as long as you monitor the bandwidth usage from the analytics panel of most hosts. However, it is far better to start with hosting that is adequate to your needs and upgrade later as needed.
  • A benefit of having multi domains is that it becomes possible for a webmaster to have many different business niches that will have different IP addresses because of the fact they carry different domain names.  This fact alone will aid the long term success of anyone’s business.
  • If an IP address comes under attack by Internet spam or a virus of some sort, all the webmaster’s websites will not be affected since they are on separate IP addresses.
  • Another benefit of having multiple domains under a single host is that it saves a great deal of time through lessened paperwork and the administrative tasks of keeping tabs on where all the domains are located.
  • Also, since all the domains are located with the same host, their management is easily handled through the one cpanel of the hosting account, and it saves time by not needing to log into various accounts to handle different domains that are located with different hosts.
  • It should be noted that the presence of multi domain hosting is possible with all hosts, but each host will usually also provide a basic and very cheap plan that only provides for one domain to be hosted. This will satisfy the need of a webmaster who may be testing web design techniques or who only requires one domain.

Multiple domain hosting is a good way to start if you need to install several websites, and it is very affordably priced at only a dollar or so more than hosting for just a single domain.

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