What is Net Web Hosting All About?


Microsoft developed the .net application framework on which ASP (Active Server Pages) and .Net code can be processed. .Net software must be used on a Windows based platform and because of that, certain hosting issues may arise.

There will be a slightly greater cost at the start up since, as with ASP.net for example, there is the additional cost of Windows and also the additional expense of the licensing fee for the software.  And while that might not be what business owners and site owners want to hear, if you work with this platform (and it IS a good one) then you have to play by Microsoft’s rules.  It’s an even exchange, in our humble opinion.

This can be contrasted with Linux, the most common web hosting operating software, which is open source and freely download-able.  Is Linux better or worse than Windows?  Well, they’re both good, it’s just that Linux is cheaper and so most web hosts use it to pass on the cost savings to their end users.

.Net software is subject to some control of its functions by the server, and so loses some of its flexibility. Due to those limitations, it becomes a little more difficult to locate hosts that provide a Windows based operation.  But, if your development team is using ASP.Net, you’re “in bed” with Microsoft and that’s just the way it’s going to be.

Requirements for .Net Web Hosting

  • The general hosting needs of any business website seeking suitable hosting must still be met by the hosting company that you choose. These requirements include high bandwidth availability, sufficient disk space, 24/7 technical support, and a guarantee of a minimum of 99% server uptime.
  • A hosting company that has a good reputation with its peers in the industry, one that has been around the block for a few years and has the staying power to address any issues
  • The host must have .net framework available on the server and it must be the same version that is being used in the development platform that is being hosted.
  • The operating system version on the hosting server should be at least Windows 2000 version. .Net websites are not compatible with earlier versions such as Windows NT.
  • Internet Information Service or IIS needs to be installed on the hosting server.
  • Installation of the hosting service is required as well as FTP services on the server.

Despite the fact that .Net programs have certain limitations, they are being more frequently used by developers to develop web applications. Many excellent resources and reviews are available online that will direct you to available hosting, but we also provide resources on these web pages to help you decide on net web hosting choices that will meet you hosting needs.  Check out our top 10 web hosting picks for 2011, but make sure to check with the web host to be sure that they run Windows servers, many of the larger web hosts will run both Linux and Windows to serve the broadest client base.

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