Finding and Using the 10 Best WordPress Plugins

The best WordPress plugins can help you do many things within the platform and you can create an unfair advantage for your blog with the right one. If you don’t use plugins with WordPress, then you are missing out on about 75% of the power of the platform. Plugins allow you to do much more than anything else within WordPress and they are a very integral part of your blog.

Many bloggers are madly in love with the WordPress platform simply because of the thousands of plugins out there. It is a bit like having a smartphone, but instead of, “there is an app for that”, “there is a plugin for that”. If you want to do something with your blog through WordPress, there is probably some type of free or paid plugin you can use to do exactly what you are trying to do.

Below is a list of the 10 best WordPress plugins. The fat has been trimmed from the list and what is left are the most popular plugins you can use to give your blog the edge of competing blogs it needs. Some will help with the overall function of the blog and others will help get the word out. No more waiting, here is the list of the top 10 plugins for WordPress.

The 10 Best WordPress Plugins to use on Your Blog

1. W3 Total Cache

There are two major reasons W3 Total Cache is the top choice for a WordPress plugin. The first reason is due to how fast it makes your pages load. This keeps visitors from clicking away because your site takes forever to load. The second reason is because it stores static versions of your site, which don’t take up nearly as much CPU processing compared to using WordPress without it.

2. HeadSpace: WordPress SEO Made Simple

If you have been using All in one SEO on your blog, then you are missing out on one of the best WordPress plugins out there. Instead of spending all your time working on SEO for your blog you can write better content because Headspace will do all your SEO work for you.

3. Thank Me Later

If you are sick of first-time visitors getting away without any real contact with you, then this plugin is for you. You can put together an email to remind them of your RSS fee or for any reason really and it will be sent to their email after they have visited your blog.

4. WP-PageNavi

This is a slick little plugin it that changes the “older posts” and “newer posts” at the bottom of the page to actual page buttons. This looks much better and it also allows visitors to go to any page they want without having to click through three or four pages to get there.

5. SEO Smart Links

Probably one of the most important plugins you can add to your arsenal. No more spending time interlinking your posts on your own because SEO smart links will do it for you. This can really help your readers find what they are looking for, but it can also help with your Page Rank.

6. Revision Control

Another plugin that will help to keep your blog load times down is Revision Control. Every time you revise a post WordPress stores another version in storage and it will not take long before your database is full of information you don’t need. This will slow down your blog considerably and you could lose visitors. It is recommended to use Revision Control and set it to store 2 versions only.

7. FireStats and FireStats Charts

If you want to track where your visitors are coming from, then the best WordPress plugins to use are Firestats and Firestats Charts. They can be used separately, but are much better together. You will be able to gather information about where the traffic came from and more with this set of plugins.

8. Google Analyticator

Those using Google Analytics will love the Google Analyticator plugin. This is one of the most powerful plugins out there and if you are not using Google Analytics you can start for free.

9. Broken Link Checker

If you are worried you may have a link on your blog that is not working, then using the Broken Link Checker plugin is necessary. It will warn you of any link that has been changes by you or by someone breaking into your blog.

10. FacePress

The FacePress plugin will allow you to interact with your fans on your Facebook Page. Whenever you publish a post this plugin can be set up to send it to your Facebook page when it goes live. This helps to drive immediate traffic to your blog and it also creates a backlink to your blog for SEO purposes.

Why these are the Best WordPress Plugins you can Use

There are many reasons why the list above are the best WordPress plugins you can use with your blog. The major reason is they are easy to use and the function they provide can help you to gain better ranking, more traffic, and keep your site from slowing down. These are important factors in gaining the maximum out of each visitor that shows up at your blog.

You can literally choose from thousands of plugins to do many different things. These just happen to be the top 10 recommended plugins across the internet. You may find that some of the paid plugins and some of the free plugins can provide you with instant backlinks and traffic for your blog. These are usually good, but before you use a plugin take the time to read a few reviews if it is not one of the best WordPress plugins above.

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