Finding the Best WordPress Magazine Themes 2011

Themes for a WordPress blog are not just only simple designs suited for the publishing of articles, but there are more exciting newspaper and magazine designs that can be utilized just as easily. There are quite a few WordPress magazine themes 2011 available both for free and also for a nominal fee.

Using WordPress allows you to be up and running with a complete money saving website that is great looking, highly optimized with a lot of content. The basic article style WordPress theme can be tweaked to create a magazine style theme and this does not depend on your using any templates.

If you are very familiar with WordPress, it would be easy for you to start with the look of a successful magazine and from that develop you own unique design. Otherwise you may be better off hiring a designer if you do not have knowledge of WordPress.

Free or Paid Themes – There are many magazines themes available on the market, some are free and others are paid themes. The premium themes offer many benefits over the free themes such as more flexibility, better coding and continuing support.  Also they are much less buggy that the free versions.

StudioPress Themes – Some of the best WordPress Magazine Themes 2011 are provided by StudioPress. StudioPress provides a site builder known as Genesis Framework that  not only simplifies the process of creating a new website, but it also allows you to create one quickly and easily and has a great deal of flexibility and functionality built in.

The Genesis Framework – will allow you to focus on the business of building your business since it provides an easily updated site, one that is well optimized and secure, so you will not be constantly involved in tweaking the design and getting involved in the SEO for the site.

Great examples of the magazine style websites from StudioPress are the News Child Theme, The Lifestyle Child Theme, and the Magazine Child Theme.

Featured Posts – A distinct feature found in all magazine styled themes is the featured posts. The featured posts are displayed on the home page, or they may be located in the side bar, and they show listings of article titles. These listings may be accompanied by a snippet of the article and also a graphic or photograph. The StudioPress themes allow the flexibility of listing these titles in a number of different groupings (however many you choose) such as categories or even customized menus.

Use of Images – Images play a big roles in the attractiveness of magazines type themes, and an image is provided with each listing. Thumbnails are selected to display with the excerpts shown on the page or in the sidebar.

Subscriber Feeds – These are easily provided with the use of a built-in widget in StudioPress magazine theme, and it is a great selling point to raise when attempting to solicit revenue earning ads from advertisers.

Monetization of Site – Magazine themes are usually add-ready for the site’s monetization. Ads can be positioned within the posts, in the sidebar and also banner ads can be put inside the header of the site.

Site Navigation – The Genesis Framework within StudioPress works well on the WordPress 3.0 version and facilitates the customization of the sidebars and menus to include easy navigation of the website. So no longer will it be difficult for a visitor to the site to locate the categories he is searching for. This is especially helpful when there are a large number of categories on the site

Unlimited Websites – The fee paid for the themes from StudioPress grants you the right to create as many installations as you would like to have – there are no restrictions on the installations possible.

Continuing Support – A support forum is available to all who purchase themes from StudioPress and moderators are available to answer questions.

WordPress magazine themes 2011 are some of the most attractive and colorful designs and layouts available. They provide you with the same feel as when you are browsing your favorite magazines. No longer is it necessary to use the plain and homely looking WordPress themes that have been the staple for a long time.

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