What are HTML Tags?

The Short Answer for What are HTML Tags?

If you are new to hosting and web design, then you are probably wondering, what are HTML tags? There are simple pieces of code that you can use to make your posts, pages, and many other parts of your website function and look the way you want. As a beginner, you don’t need to worry too much about the answer to, what are HTML tags. However, knowing a few simple tags can help with the overall search engine optimization or SEO of your content.

You don’t need to know how to write every code out there, but if you know how to use header codes, bolding codes, and other formatting codes, then you can certainly get the results you are looking for. The answer to, what are HTML tags, can make the difference between whether or not you have proper SEO with your content.

Many beginners may be afraid to use these tags because they know it is a programming language, but they are very easy to use. It only takes a little bit of HTML code knowledge to create headers and the other things you need to get the best on site SEO. Here are a few basic tags you can use to get the proper on site formatting for perfect search engine optimization.

The Basics of What are HTML Tags

1.  Headers

You can create up to five different headers, but you only need to use three of these.  Headers are created by starting the tags with <h1> and ending it with </h1>.  Every single time you see HTML tags they will start like this and end the same way.  The first tag tells the code what to do and the second tag tells it where to stop.

When you write content, you want to use your main keyword phrase between the h1, h2, and h3 tags starting them with the <h2> and ending them with the </h3>.  This will give you better SEO with your content and it will help to separate your post or page into three sections for the reader.

2.  Bold and Italics

Another way to get better SEO within your content is to bold the keyword phrase once with the <strong> and </strong> tags, then you want to use the keyword phrase once with italics with the <em> and </em> tags.  This helps with your search engine optimization and now you know a couple of simple tags you can use for better formatting.

3.  Linking with Anchor Text

The final basic tag you need to be familiar with is the linking tag.  To start a link you want to use <a href=”yourwebsite.com”> and to end it you can use </a>.  Whatever text you put in between the opening tag and the closing tag will be linked to the URL you put in between the quotations.  If you link your main keyword phrase to another post or page on your website or blog, it will give you better SEO.

The Real Answer to What are HTML Tags

The real answer to the question, what are HTML tags, is that they are tools to help you gain better search engine ranking. As a beginner, you don’t need to know how to use every single code out there, but having a little basic knowledge of HTML code can help. If you are interested in doing something on your website, but you are unsure of what type of code to use, just search for what you want to do and HTML code.

This will usually pull up a blog post, forum post, or article that talks about how to do whatever it is you are trying to do. They will answer the question, what are HTML tags and tell you how to do what you are trying to do.

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