The Easy Way to Add Google+ Hangout Countdowns to WordPress

Google+ HangoutUsing Google+ hangouts can help your business in many ways. These hangouts are a great way to communicate with your blog readers. Making sure everybody knows when the live event will happen, will help you gain new visitors. By adding a countdown to your website, you can get the word out and this provides many benefits. Here are a few other ways to make sure your Google+ hangout spreads across the web.

1. Tweeting

By providing the right information for the hangout on your website, your visitors can share it all over twitter. This can spread the word and allow you to receive more visitors through your hangouts. You can also tweet your Google+ hangout on your own profile.

2. Article Writing

If you write a few articles about your upcoming hangout, you can use the content to spread the word. Posting them to the many different article directories, other blogs and your own blog will allow you to spread the word.

3. Blast your Email List

Probably the easiest way to spread the word, whenever you plan a Google+ hangout, is by sending an email out to your list. All your subscribers should know about your upcoming event and it’s best to use a series of three to five emails spread out over a few weeks.

How to Add the Right Information to Your Website/Blog

You will need a few things to use Google+ hangouts in conjunction with your blog and website. Of course, you need a Google+ Account and you will also need a Google API account. With both of these, you can use the right plugin and you will be all set.

Yakadanda Google+ Hangout Events Plugin

Download this plugin and activate it within your WordPress database. Now, you just need to configure the plugin by adding your Google API keys to the plugin. Go to the configuration screen, found under your settings tab and the Google+ plugin.

If you don’t have a Google API account yet, you will need to create a project and set it up. The dropdown menu will provide a link to create your project. Make sure you name the project and save it. Then, you need to click on the services tab and turn the “Calendar API” on. You will also need to create the oAuth 2.0 client ID by clicking on the link for it. Fill in the information and click the “next” button.

Choose the web application type on the next screen and add your site name with the Http:// under “your site or hostname”.

Now, go back to the plugin within the WordPress dashboard and enter the email address of your Google+ account, along with the API keys by copying and pasting them from the Google API Access page. Make sure you save the changes and click “allow access” on the Google Accounts page when it comes up.

Finally, you just need to go to the widgets section of your WordPress blog, which is located under the “appearance” tab. You can add the Google+ Hangouts Events widget to your sidebar from this area. It will show all your hangouts on your blog or website.

Once you’re all set up, you can add Google+ Hangouts to your website whenever you want and it’s very easy. This can help you spread the word whenever you plan an event and can drive more visitors to your website and blog.

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