What to Expect with the New WordPress 3.6 Update

Not long ago, you logged into your WordPress dashboard and clicked to update to the 3.5 version. This happened at the beginning of December and the next release will be coming shortly. Many expect the WordPress 3.6 version to come out at the end of April. This update will come with new features and will provide users with more than what they currently get with the 3.5 version of WordPress. Here are some of the things to expect.

WordPress 3.6 News and Updates

Six Updates Coming with WordPress 3.6

1. Editorial Workflow Plugin

The experts believe WordPress will add an editorial workflow plugin into the core of the system. However, some think this feature won’t be ready until the 3.7 version. If this feature doesn’t come with the new update, you can still use the Edit Flow Plugin until it finds its way to the core of WordPress.

2. Editorial Controls

One of the major things addressed in the 3.6 update will be the controls used for content publishing. The post edit area will get a huge facelift and will give bloggers a better feature for content creating within WordPress.

3. Post Revision Handling

The 3.6 version of WordPress will allow the user to look at the different versions of a post and see the differences easier. They will now be highlighted making it easier to see what was changed from one version to another.

4. A New Post Lock

Something many publishers have wanted for quite some time is a way to lock a post while it’s being worked on. This feature is coming soon and will allow the website administrator and the author to actually lock a post until they’re done working on it. This will eliminate the possibility of two people working on the same post and changes not being saved properly.

5. Better AutoSave

The auto-save feature will be improved in the new version, as well. It may all allow unsaved information to be saved in the browser storage. This will help prevent publishers from losing posts if a cookie expires, you lose your internet connection or a number of other things that could happen. You won’t need to worry with this feature, you’ll be able to start right where you left off.

6. New Interface for Menus

The WordPress menus section will get an overhaul. It will provide an easier system for beginners making it easier to create and use this section of the dashboard. Many novice users struggle to understand and use the custom menu section and WordPress is trying to make this an easier section for all users.

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Should You Update?

Whenever WordPress releases a new version to include WordPress 3.6, whether it contains major updates or minor updates, you should update your system. Not only does WordPress provide new tools, better controls and features allowing you to do more, easier, but they also provide security updates. These are vital to the overall protection of your website. No matter the update, you should always make sure your database is up-to-date.

You can expect many new things with the WordPress 3.6 update, since it’s already being called a major update. It seems a little fast since the last major update was just a few months ago, but WordPress didn’t have enough time to implement everything they’d planned for the 3.5 version.

When this new update hits your WordPress dashboard in late April or early May, make sure you click to update and start playing with the new features. It might be a little different, but it will improve your control over your site and give you many new and necessary features.

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