WordPress Hosting for the Beginner Blog Owner

With WordPress hosting the user gets the ability to add posts to a blog or to design a website. These functions can be used together or separately making WordPress hosting one of the most popular content management systems out there. It is easy to use and has many tools that will help even the beginner put up a professional looking blog or website.

By using the WordPress platform, you will have access to themes, widgets, plugins, and more to help you make your website or blog look and function the way you want it to. This gives you more options than any other CMS out there and there are many free tutorials and guides to help you with every single part of the building and posting process.

There are many keys to success online and one of them, for the beginner, is to choose an easy path to follow. With WordPress hosting you will have everything you need to design your website or blog in the right way. This will make a huge difference in whether you fail or succeed and you will have a better chance with WordPress than without.

A Few Necessary Sections Within WordPress Hosting

1. The Dashboard

When you first install WordPress on your domain name, you will be able to access the dashboard through your log in screen. This is where you will manage the design, the content, the users, and everything else. It is set up very easy and all the necessary sections are separated for you on the left hand site of the dashboard.

2. Posts

The posts tab will give you access to create a new post, create new categories, and to edit posts you have already created. It uses both a visual editor and an HTML editor that will give you access to do everything you need. If you don’t know HTML code, you can create your posts in Microsoft Word and simply copy and paste into the visual editor.

3. Pages

Pages is a section much like posts, but you create and edit pages from here. The difference between a page and a post is that pages are displayed in the main menu of your theme and posts are archived after they have fallen off your front page due to new posts being added. They both get a unique URL and they are both necessary for blogging success.

4. Appearance

Within the appearance section, you can change your theme to one of the many free themes out there. Simply download the .zip file for the theme, then upload it in the theme section and activate it. Another thing you can do here, is set you widgets, which typically go in the sidebars of the theme you have selected. This is a very powerful part of using WordPress hosting and there are a few good YouTube videos that can walk you through this section.

5. Plugins and Settings

The plugins tab will allow you to upload or search for and install any of the free or premium plugins you want to use. These can help to share your site with social media websites like Facebook, and they can help to give you many search engine optimization benefits. Once you have installed a plugin it will usually live below the settings tab or within the settings tab.

Beginners Can Start with WordPress Hosting

Since there are a number of videos and tutorials out there for every part of WordPress, it is perfect for the beginner. It may take you a couple good weeks to really get the hang of how WordPress works, but once you know what each part does, you can put up a professional website or blog within an hour or so. WordPress hosting is very powerful and with nearly every hosting package you get access to use WordPress for free.

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