What is the Cost of Web Hosting?


The Things to Understand Before Looking at the Cost of Web Hosting

When it comes to the cost of web hosting many people consider the price before they consider anything else. This is not a good way to go and you really need to figure out what the best type of hosting for you is before you worry about the cost of web hosting. If you spend less and get horrible hosting it is not going to help you as much as if you spend a little more and get a large amount more from your hosting.

Start by figuring out which type of hosting is going to be best for you and which company is going to give you the support you need from your hosting. There are many types of hosting and every situation is different. This is why you need to do your research before you worry about the cost of web hosting. Here are a few types to start out with:

Windows Hosting
Joomla Hosting
Blog Hosting
PHP Hosting
ASP Hosting
ColdFusion Hosting
Best FTP Hosting
Best Colocation Hosting
Wordpress Hosting
Best Reseller Hosting

These types of hosting are all found inform the top ten hosting choices on the internet and the reviews that you can read about these hosting companies. If you use one of the top web hosting companies you are going to get a competitive price along with the right amount of support and a very reliable hosting company. Here are a few reviews that you should read from the top 10 web hosts:

BlueHost Review
HostMonster Review
FatCow Review
JustHost Review
HostGator Review
GreenGeeks Hosting Review
InMotion Hosting Review
iPage Review

If you are looking for the top web hosting for your website or blog these reviews can help you understand what you are really getting before you worry about the cost of web hosting. After you have read a few reviews and you have a handful of choices you can start to look into the cost of web hosting and understand what you are getting when you pay more or less.

The Cost of Web Hosting for the Top Choices

1. Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is used by mostly beginners and bloggers. It will allow you to use the Fantastico script for blogging, which as both WordPress hosting and Joomla hosting with it. These are the top platforms for blogging and they will allow you to do many things you cannot do with a free blogging platform. WordPress hosting is a bit more popular and easier to learn than Joomla hosting, but they are both very good choices.

Shared hosting will have you sharing a server with many other hosting companies and this will cause you to have limited resources for your site or blog. If you get too much traffic you could end up causing issues with the server and they may shut you down temporarily or ask you to upgrade. This option costs between $3 and $20 depending on the package and the best review to read for shared web hosting is the FatCow review.

2. VPS Web Hosting

VPS web hosting is an upgrade from shared web hosting and many consider it to be the best blog hosting you can get. It is not the cheapest website hosting, but it is not all that expensive either. You will actually get a partition of a server all to yourself, which will give you many resources you do not get from shared hosting.

The cost of web hosting when you choose VPS web hosting is very dependent upon the amount of space you need. It can range from about $6 to $200 depending on the size of the partition you need for your website and/or blog. This is a faster and more secure option than shared web hosting and it will give you options you may need and cannot get from shared hosting.

3. Best Colocation Hosting

The last of the most popular and top web hosting options is the best colocation hosting option. This is the most expensive and it is also the only option that will give you your own server. You can either purchase a server and have it housed with rack space or you can rent a server from one of the top web hosting choices for your website and/or blog.

You are going to spend over $150 a month with the best colocation hosting and the cost of web hosting with this option can get very expensive. It really depends on how many servers you purchase or rent and the size of these servers. If you choose to go with this option you should know that you are getting the best possible hosting you can get.

Why the Cost of Web Hosting Should be The Last Thing you Consider

When you start looking into hosting for your website or blog you have to find the best blog host or the top web hosting because you are going to need the best if you want to make money online. However, the best choices are different for everybody and as a beginner you may start with the cheapest website hosting you can find. This is fine as long as it comes from one of the top 10 web hosts.

You may need more advanced hosting than shared hosting and you may have to find the right type of hosting for your blog or site. You should read the reviews and do your research on all three of the options above so that you can make sure you get the right hosting that will give you the benefits you need. Then, after you know what you need you can consider the cost of web hosting.

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