3 Things to Known About Personal Web Hosting


What Do Most Use Personal Web Hosting For?

Most people use personal web hosting for a blog. This is known as blog hosting and this type of hosting can be used for a family blog, an online journal, a business blog, or for any other type of blog you want to use it for. Blogs are pretty easy to put up and design compared to websites and many people find the format much easier to work with.

There are some things you are going to have to know about personal web hosting when you are looking for a blog host that can provide you with what you need for your blog. You need to know that if you do not have good hosting for your blog you make not have the options you need to really make the blog look and function the way you want it to.

Just because you may not be using your blog to make money does not mean you do not need great hosting. When someone goes to your blog you still want them to have a good experience and enjoy the things you have put up. Whether you are trying to deliver a message or just have a space on the internet to get your thoughts out, you need the best blog host you can find.

The Top 3 Things to Know About Personal Web Hosting

1. Why Free is Not Good

When you are looking for personal web hosting you have to know that free hosting is not a good option for you or for anybody else. Sure you may not be trying to make money so you may be wondering why you should spend any money on hosting. The truth is that free hosting is not under your control and the last thing you want to see is all your hard work disappear.

You want hosting that is under your control so that you can store your content, pictures, and anything else you are going to put up on your blog without having to worry about whether it is going to be taken down or not. With free hosting, like the Google web host, you will not have control over whether your blog is up or not. They can take it down at any point.

Google website hosting may be free, but they also do not allow you to use your own domain name. This means that you will end up with a URL that looks like this: http://myblog.googlehosting.com, instead of http://www.myblog.com. This is not all that attractive and when you can use your own domain name you have more control over everything that has to do with your blog.

2. The Right Platforms

Blogs are put up on platforms and the most popular two are Joomla hosting and WordPress hosting. These two platforms come in the Fantastico script and they will allow you to do many things that you simply cannot do with other platforms. The Joomla hosting platform is a bit more advanced than the WordPress hosting platform, but it is still very popular.

Many will choose to use the WordPress hosting over Joomla hosting and this is due to the custom abilities to use themes, widgets, and plugins to help you make your blog look the way you want it to look along with make it function the way it needs to function as well. This is something you have to consider and there are benefits of both, but with personal web hosting you are most likely going to find the WordPress hosting platform to be easier to learn.

Joomla hosting is very good and many use it, but it is more advanced and if you are just looking for personal web hosting for a personal blog or a family blog, then you probably will not be using or even need the advanced options that are offered with Joomla hosting. Instead you can use WordPress hosting, which is easy to learn and you will have better luck finding easy to use tutorials out there for the different parts of it.

3. Finding the Best Blog Hosting

Finding blog hosting is not hard and most of the top web hosting companies have a good option for blog hosting. However, you do need to go about finding the best blog host for you in a way that will allow you to be successful with your task. Start by finding a list of the top ten hosting companies and you will be able to use one of these choices for your blog hosting.

You should read the reviews that come along with these types of hosting lists and specifically the BlueHost review. BlueHost is an affordable web hosting company and they are also very reliable. You can even use the cheapest website hosting option that they offer and you will have very good personal web hosting for your blog.

The Final Decision for Personal Web Hosting

The most important part about choosing the personal web hosting for your blog is that you have confidence in the hosting you are getting. If you choose to go with one of the options that BlueHost offers you can get your domain for free if you pay for a year or two of hosting up front. This is not a bad way to go when you are just after a good blog host.

You need to have a domain name anyway and when you read the BlueHost review you will find that they are one of the top web hosting choices for bloggers. Many bloggers already trust them to provide reliable hosting that comes with the Fantastico script and all the options they need for their personal web hosting.

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