How to Get Low Cost Web Site Hosting Without Giving Up the Quality


Two Low Cost Web Site Hosting Options to Avoid

When you are on a budget and you need to get low cost web site hosting you need to know how to get the BEST HOSTINGfor your money. You also need to know about two hosting options that you have to avoid because they may save you money, but they will not help you make money in the long run. These are horrible types of hosting that you have to avoid at all costs.

The first of these low cost web site hosting options that you better avoid is any free hosting. There is free hosting offered by the Google web host and they will try to convince you that it is actually good when it is not. This type of hosting will give you very few options and the only good thing about it is that it is free.

With Google website hosting you get limited space, limited resources, very little support, and you cannot even use your own domain name. Sure they will spin things to make it sound like you get plenty of space, plenty of speed, and good hosting, but they are not telling you the truth. Google might be good at some things but the Google web hosting is horrible.

The second type of low cost web site hosting that you have to avoid is the cheapest website hosting from one of the discount hosting companies. This type of hosting is just not going to give you enough space, enough good options, or enough of the resources to make it worth the few dollars you will spend each month for the hosting.

You need to avoid both of these hosting options or you are going to learn a lesson the hard way. If you are trying to go into internet marketing of any sort you are going to need a hosting option that will allow you to use not only your own domain name, but will allow you to host multiple domain names. Below you are going to find the top two options for low cost web site hosting that will not make you give up the quality.

Two Top Low Cost Web Site Hosting Options to Choose From

When you need top web hosting and you do not want to pay a large amount each month you need to know about the right shared website hosting options and the VPS hosting options that you can use to get your website or blog up and running fast. These are very good options for low cost web site hosting and you will get quality hosting if you choose hosting from the top 10 web hosts.

1. Shared Website Hosting

Even though the cheapest website hosting option is going to give you shared hosting it will not give you enough options to be good. You need to find a top ten hosting company and choose at least their mid-priced package for shared hosting. This will give you the ability to host multiple domains and it will be much more secure.

You cannot get this type of hosting from a low level hosting company because they will not provide you the support or the options that you really need with your hosting. You are going to need to make sure you get the right low cost web site hosting when you are after shared website hosting and make sure you get it from a top level hosting company.

2. VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is even better than shared hosting and the cost is not going to be that much more to start. You can get VPS hosting for $15 to $100 a month depending on how much space you need. This is not much to spend for high quality hosting that will give you more security, more speed, and more resources for your website.

The best part about this low cost web site hosting option is that you can upgrade the amount of space you have as you need more. You can start with the smallest package and when your website(s) or blog(s) outgrow the space you have you can upgrade to the next level. This is a great way to go about getting the top low cost web site hosting without breaking your budget.

Regardless of what option you choose for your hosting it is very important that you choose hosting from a top web hosting company. You should start by reading the BlueHost review and the HostMonster review to get a good idea of the pricing and the quality you can get with top level website hosting.

Choosing the Right Low Cost Web Site Hosting For your Project

If you have plans to put up a blog, then you are going to want a different type of low cost web site hosting than if you want to put up a website. Your hosting will also vary if you plan to use very little video and audio compared to using a large amount of both. There are many different types of hosting that can fit into the shared and VPS packages. Here are a couple more popular choices.

If you are looking for the best blog hosting start by reading the BlueHost review. This will show you that the best blog host will give you the Fantastico script, which includes the Joomla hosting platform and the WordPress hosting platform. All bloggers need to have this script if they want to put up a professional blog with the right tools for the best results.

The Joomla hosting platform is a bit more advanced and involves more actual coding than the WordPress hosting platform. They can both be found with the shared website hosting options and the VPS hosting options from the top ten hosting choices. They can both give you the right amount of customization and there is a large amount of information on how to use both platforms out there.

Another type of hosting you may be considering is Windows hosting. This type of hosting is very good for those that need low cost web site hosting and do not want to spend a large amount of time learning how to use it. If you are already familiar with Windows, then getting and using Windows hosting is a great way to go.

You need to do your research and read some of the reviews from the top 10 hosting choices that are out there. This will help you to get the best hosting you can possibly get without breaking your budget. You do not want to use the Google web host and you want to avoid the cheapest website hosting when you are looking for low cost web site hosting that is still very good.

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