5 Tips for WordPress Design and Development

To become good at WordPress design and development consider these relatively painless tips. WordPress design and development gets more robust all the time, and the tools just keep getting better. Follow the tips below to speed up your journey towards WordPress expertise.

Tip #1: WordPress design: do some advanced planning

Start with deciding how you are going to structure your WordPress site. It can be helpful to grab some paper and sketch where you want to put all the parts. Decide what templates you want to use or possibly even create. What specific elements do you want to definitely include? Your plan should also determine colors, fonts, and graphic placement.

Tip #2: Use an established WordPress theme to form your foundation

The two most obvious choices (and also the best choices) are the WordPress “Classic” theme or the WordPress “Default” theme. (Default theme is also called Kubrick). Why these? Because these have been road-tested again and again by the WordPress community.

Tip #3: Don’t select only one font in developing WordPress

Some less experienced WordPress designers make the mistake of selecting only one font. If a user doesn’t have this font on her computer, it will show up as a default font, changing the look and feel you worked so hard to design. Instead, select several fonts that are similar in look to your first choice. This will make it much more likely that the end user will experience the font as you intended it to look.

Tip #4: Style all the template files that WordPress offers

Way back in WordPress development, everything was about index.php file. Now that WordPress design and development relies on modular elements, it is important to become competent with sidebar.php, single.php, comments.php, header.php, and footer.php. If you don’t take these into consideration, it will default back to index.php and, while it will probably work, there is also a good chance it is going to look a little weird.

Tip#5: Enjoy the process

While every kind of technical design and development has its share of challenges, remember how incredible it is that so powerful a tool is available to so many and is relatively simple to use. Keep in mind that what you are really doing is helping so many people, organizations, and businesses have a voice in their community, in their marketplace, and in their world. WordPress design and development is important work and it helps to recall that as you learn the process.

Sergey Fisenko is the founder of Codussoft Software and provides professional web design and development services including wordpress developmentĀ and Ukraine magento development.

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