4 Basic Concepts of Internet Marketing


Perhaps sometimes many youngsters who want to earn an income online are not able to understand what they mean by Internet marketing. Usually they get intimidated by the very word marketing when they listen it first time. However if you believe me the reality is quite opposite.

Internet marketing or online marketing is way easy and simplistic to learn than offline marketing. I believe your basic concept about Internet marketing should be clear. The most striking difference between Internet marketing and any other form of marketing is that in Internet marketing you do not need any capital or money to start. Yes! You can do it without spending a dollar. So let’s clear some concept regarding online marketing.


First concept that you have to clear about Internet marketing would be for which company you will be working. Well! Let me clear this here like any other regular marketing job you do not work for a fixed company. In Internet marketing you work for various affiliate networks.

You start with one affiliate network if you have capacity then you can work with many others simultaneously. Some top notch affiliate networks are Clickbank and Commission Junction. Both are genuine and will stay here for long years. Let me assure that you get paid from these networks on regular basis. Clickbank has given over 2 billion dollars in cash to various Internet marketers.


Second concept that could be relevant here with Internet marketing is products. It is your full right to know which type of products you have to sell or promote to customers. You will be surprised to know that in Internet marketing you usually sell eProducts like eBooks or other software programs.

That would mean no physical products like home appliances, gadgets etc. As you will be selling eBooks which are completely downloadable after customers purchased one copy through credit card transaction. Hence they receive their products shortly after payment has been done. Therefore you do not have to bother about any shipments or delivery whether products has reached safely to customers or not.


internet marketing

MLM mean multi level marketing. Let me guarantee you Internet marketing is not at all anything about MLM. In MLM you have to spend money to run a campaign but in Internet marketing you do not need any money. There are many resources required for MLM and it is beyond the reach of any new comer marketer.

However in case of Internet marketing only thing you need is a computer with an internet connection. In MLM you have to reach out to the people which are on Television, Internet, Public places like Cinema hall, Shopping Mall, Parks etc. Hence never confuse MLM with Internet marketing because in later one target audiences are people who are online.

Profits & Customers

If we discuss about profits or how much you can make with internet marketing then I must say the sky is yours. You can make money as much as you like. You have to sell products of selling price $30 to $100 and you get commission of 50% to 75% for each sale. So it depends how many copies of same product you can sell to customers. Today Internet marketers are making about $10,000 to $100,000 per month right from their computer.

As far as customers are concerned you will sell or target your products to people who are online. Therefore you won’t sell anything to people offline. They come to Internet looking for solutions regarding their problems and you have to convince them that your product can really solve their problems. That is how will get your customers online. You can find more of them on hot forums, discussion boards, Q & A, YouTube etc. Hence always visit these places.


In concluding remarks I would only say clear your basic notion that are about Internet marketing. First one is company, for which company you will be working. Second one is type of products that you will be selling to your potential customers; third one is level of marketing that you would have to do for selling that product.

Finally clear your understanding about how much you can make and your exact customers you will be targeting. I do hope after reading this article you will get a clear picture about Internet marketing.


Pritam Nagrale is an internet marketer and blogger. He writes about SEO Tips, blogging and online jobs. If you want to know about online businesses like affiliate marketing, wazzub, adsense then visit his blog to get ideas.

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