Google Public Data Might be the Best Application Ever

Do you ever crave for something more from the internet than the latest tweets from celebrities, misinformed journalism, vacuous statements from social heavyweights and other forms of literary schmalz being spoon fed to you by the world?

The next time you read about a diabolical economic trend or other predicted crisis, maybe you should check out the facts for yourself using Google’s public data.

For example, if you wanted to know about the area of forest still available in certain nations, or the entire world, this information is available at your fingertips.

Google’s public data contains all the statistics collected by the World Bank and presents them to you in a neat and workable manner. Now, the next time you hear about ‘economic decline in xxx’ then you can investigate this for yourself by looking at real figures, instead of relying on the interpretation supplied to you by the journalist or speaker.

Debunking Malthusian Ideas

The application reveals other interesting data. For example, did you know that the trend line for population is far less geometric than the average Malthusian predictions assert? Its actually really flat with only a slight geometric curve upwards worldwide.

Comparing this to the amount of agricultural production there is, we see a much steeper geometric line. The indication of this is that the world actually won’t run out of food any time soon.

Environmental Data

Carbon emissions per capita are mildly alarming but there has been some slowing of these in recent times. Hopefully this will continue so we can see a healthy future planet and the continued survival of our species – and specifically ourselves!

Agricultural land use is available, and the amount of forest in each country. You will find these stats surprising, in a good way.

Avoiding the Panic Boat

There are certain trends and statistics in society to be alarmed about, but there are others that do not require the worry that some panic-merchants supply to them. It’s great to take action about things that matter, but being informed about the real trends of the world will help you to care about the right things?

Why would people mislead you about where there are problems in the world?

Firstly, there are some people who are simply misinformed themselves and spread the wrong messages from a lack of knowing better.

Secondly, some people do it for attention. Unable to focus a positive energy towards a cause they may tend to pick an easier route of ‘stirring people up’.

Thirdly, some people want to control you. By creating a crisis in a person’s head, and then promising that you have access to answers is a good way of exerting influence over another person.

Be Worldly

There are lots of other ways to keep informed well, but being aware of Google’s Public Data is a big step in the right direction, Google it and check it out today!


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