Google’s “Search Plus Your World” – Is It As Good As Google Want Us to Believe?

Back in the beginning of January, Google’s latest “Search Plus Your World” was rolled out to users across the US. Google’s most radical transformation integrates both matches from the public sphere, as well as information that has been shared with you privately.

If you are searching in English and are signed-in to you may very well be alerted that your results are part of the “Search Plus Your World” interface. The results will include pictures and information shared by your friends, and people in your Google+ circle.

This is just the latest in a long line of changes to the search engine, and is certainly not the first time Google has attempted to integrate social media. Google Buzz, the search engines pervious attempt at taking on Facebook, proved less than successful.

But what has actually changed, and what does it mean for regular Internet users?

“Search Plus Your World” – The Pros and Cons

Since the “Search Plus Your World” was launched, Google has faced a mixed reception from critics and bloggers alike. Users have accused the search engine of favoring the Google+ social network too much, and showing irrelevant results.

Many American bloggers have already met Google’s latest brainchild with harsh criticisms. Many have accused Google of ignoring the importance of other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It has been argued that a truly personal search would include results from across all of the networking sites.

However, Google insists that the latest changes to the search engine have been well received. The Internet giant has said that, after a few changes have been made, “Search Plus Your World” will be extremely popular and useful.

What This Means for Small Businesses

Yet to be rolled out in Europe, it’s not yet entirely clear how “Search Plus Your World” will effect UK businesses in terms of their SEO (search engine optimization) and online marketing strategies. What is clear however is that posting content worthy of being shared is going to become increasingly important.

Google appears to be moving away from heavily SEOed copy, and focusing its attention on high quality, unique copy. But what does this mean for your business? You will need to encourage your clients to share the information you post with the people they are connected to.

For a local business, this could potentially be very lucrative. For example, if customers in your area share your information within their circles; your business will appear higher in a localised, personal search.

At present, online marketers are still waiting to see what impact “Search Plus Your World” will have on traditional SEO strategies. As a small business, it would be advisable to continue with your current marketing efforts, but with the addition of share-worthy content.

The changes have been met with some controversy from web users in America. It is hoped that Google’s “Search Plus Your World” will prove its worth in time. It will only be clear how popular the changes are once they have been rolled out worldwide.

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