3 Creative Mobile Marketing Campaigns

The advertising landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade, and in my opinion it’s only gotten better. Consumers are increasingly ignoring traditional methods of advertising and, as a result, marketers are being challenged to truly push the boundaries of innovation.

Below are three awe-inspiring marketing campaigns that take advantage of the fact that, for most modern people, cell phones have become an extra limb they simply can’t do without.

Navarro Correas Wine: Art with Wine

In December 2011, the Columbian ad agency, Leo Burnett Colombiana, erected a 13 x 8.2 foot interactive billboard and thus launched an innovative campaign for Navarro Correas wine. The structure had 1000 acrylic cells and an automated robotic mechanism that could fill the cells with one of six shades of red wine.

People could choose a cell and fill it with a relevant shade of wine by sending a text message. In the end, the image created was Vincent Van Gogh’s self portrait, and the message behind the campaign was sent: every bottle of Navarro Correas wine is a masterpiece. Although the results of this campaign are yet to be determined, Art with Wine has already been lauded by industry writers and bloggers alike.

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Carling Black Label: Be the Coach

In May 2011, Ogilvy Cape Town launched a campaign for Carling Black Label, one of South Africa’s most popular beer brands. The idea was to take advantage of the country’s passion for football and, particularly, the rivalry between two of the biggest football teams (the Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates) by giving football fans the opportunity to “be the coach”.

Unique codes that could be found under the bottle caps of limited edition Carling Black Label bottles allowed fans to vote for the opening line-up and substitution, by sending free SMS votes.  Those who voted also stood a chance to win R 1-million, half of which would go to a charity.

The campaign was hugely successful: Carling Black Label’s Twitter following grew by 600 percent and 10.5-million votes were received in seven weeks.

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Tesco HomePlus:  Subway Virtual Store


In June 2011, the Korean ad agency, Cheil, launched a campaign with the objective of increasing HomePlus’ market share without opening any more stores. According to HomePlus, South Koreans are ranked the second most hardworking people in the world, so the challenge was getting very busy people to do their grocery shopping at HomePlus.

To do this, the campaign brought the store to the people by opening virtual stores in the subways. These virtual stores were constructed on large backlit billboards that displayed images resembling the shelves in a standard HomePlus shop. QR codes were placed next to the images of each product, thus enabling commuters waiting for trains to identify items to purchase, specify quantities of each item and select a time for the order to be delivered to their homes.

The campaign was a huge success, as the store’s online sales increased by 130% and the store became number one in the online market.

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