Top Tablets of 2011: Nook, Kindle, iPad 2


Top Tablets of 2011 – War is Still Going On

With Christmas right around the corner it may be important to know what the top tablets of 2011 are. There are plenty to choose from and just when you thought the iPad 2 was going to be the last one coming out Amazon introduces the Kindle Fire. Then, rumors start flying about a new and improved Nook from Barnes and Nobles.

It is like an all-out war and we will see which one of these three are going to steal the show for Christmas. Of course, the iPad 2 is going to be preferred by MAC users and those already owning an iPhone of some sort. It would be a bit silly to own an iPhone and a tablet that don’t work on the same platform and don’t communicate with each other.

These three can certainly be considered the top tablets of 2011 and have taken over compared to the lesser models put out by other companies. They are the sleekest, thinnest, and the most functional. Plus they really are not overpriced compared to the competition and you can even get the new Kindle Fire for less than $200.

Why are These the Top Tablets of 2011?

top tablets of 2011

The major challenge may be between the Nook and the Kindle this year since they are competing in a different arena than the iPad 2. MAC users are going to choose the iPad nearly every time, but when it comes to those not switching over to MAC the only two tablets worth even paying attention to are the Kindle Fire and the new Nook.

The Nook beat the Kindle to putting out a 7 inch color screen and an e-ink reader, but the Kindle Fire is able to do much more than past Kindles. The big selling point for the Kindle has never been that it was a full-fledged tablet, but that it was a way to read books without hurting your eyes or carrying around a library in your purse.

However, with the introduction of the Kindle Fire Amazon is taking it to a whole new level. They are completely a tablet now with more features than ever before and they have a lower price than the Nook. However, the Nook is able to stream Netflix and Hulu and they offer in store support at all locations.

It is also rumored that the new Nook has more RAM and potentially more selections when it comes to books, magazines, and comics than what Amazon can offer. The Kindle is able to give you a similar cloud service as the iPad 2, which the Nook does not have, which helps with storing personal files and music.

Another option you really don’t get with the iPad 2 and the Nook is the collection of e-books that Amazon has. These are highly popular and a great impulse buy going through the holidays. This give the user one more way to find what they are after that is just not as easy to do with the Nook or iPad 2.

Plus with Amazon if you are a Prime member (Costs $80 a year) you get many benefits you cannot get with your Nook or iPad 2. They will give you free streaming video from Netflix, a collection of free new release books, and when you purchase from their site you get free 2-day shipping with this package.

Which of the Top Tablets of 2011 Should You Choose?

The choice is not easy to make because the iPad 2 is designed nearly flawlessly and if you are a MAC user it is going to work with your iTunes, iMovies, and everything else you are already using. Plus with their cloud hosting you can store your personal and music files away from the device and still access them whenever you need to.

On the other hand you get many of the same benefits now with the new Kindle Fire for a lower cost. Plus for $80 more a year you get a package that really cannot be rivaled by any other competitor right now. This is the new wave of technology and if you are not using MAC products you may want to lean towards the Kindle.

However, those that like in store and personal support along with more memory will want to think long and hard about the new Nook. It is packed full of great features and can do many things for you that a tablet should be able to do. Hence why it is in the running of the top tablets of 2011.

The decision really comes down to which brand you like most and feel most comfortable with. If you are an Apple person you will want to go with the iPad 2 for sure, but if you are not you have a decision to make. Take a good look at both the new Kindle Fire and the new Nook before you decide on one of the top tablets of 2011.

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