How to Build Backlinks Without Looking Spammy

How to build backlinks is an important consideration, since backlinks create one of the most effective ways to increase the page rank of a website in the search engines (SEs).

Increasing the page rank in the SEs and eventually getting to the top 10 positions on the first page of google, means that 85% of all people seeking information on your websites’ optimized keywords will have the opportunity to access your website.

Manual and Automated Software Backlink Building

The building of backlinks can be effectively achieved by many manual methods, but also the same processes can be expedited with the use of various types of software.

Some are paid software but there are also simpler software versions that are available for free and can do a comparatively good job of link submissions that result in backlink creation.

In most cases, the software methods involve an initial setting up – may involve manual or semi-manual creation of accounts.  Information is then put into the system and the running of the software can be triggered to execute immediately and may take up to a couple of hours to complete, or the execution can be scheduled to run sometime in the future.

Backlink Building Services

Because the building of backlinks can be a tedious process, and even though each link may only take a couple of minutes, to have to create a few hundreds of backlinks would take a long time. As a result, backlink building services have become very popular with businesses. Often services are offered on an ongoing basis to businesses in order to raise their websites’ pagerank.

Methods of Backlink Building

  • Directory Submission – This is a well-used method to build backlinks and the best and most useful approach is to make the submissions to those sites with pagerank from 1 to 5. Do not submit to PR 0 directories.
  • Using Free/Paid Software Tools – There are many available directory submission tools available online, some free and some paid, to facilitate the submission of website links to hundreds of directories on which a backlink will be created. Although a large number of such directories will be made available through the software, be certain to only make submissions to directories with PR 1 through 5.
  • Also be certain not to attempt to create thousands of links in one day, but to space them out over a period of several days so that the link creation process will look more natural. As with all submission, a number of directories will manually approve submissions, so not all submissions will go live in the directories.
  • Backlinks through Videos – A very popular method of creating backlinks involve the use of videos. These will be submitted to the various video sharing sites for distribution over the Internet. Along with these videos a description will be posted which will contain a link back to the main website.
  • Social Bookmarking Sites – On these sites links of different websites are liked or voted for and are shared with others in the community. The most popular sites should be used, accounts created and site information should be given together with a URL for others to follow and gain access to your site.
  • RSS Feeds – The RSS feeds of the websites can be distributed using a Feedburner to publish to a large number of RSS aggregators.
  • Article Marketing – This is a well-tested method of creating backlinks to a website. Links are placed in a resource box at the bottom of the article and they point back to the website.
  • Comment Boxes and Forums – These are also effective in creating backlinks  to your site. Care should be taken to only use those sites that are relevant in subject matter to your own site and especially those that already have a high page rank.

How to build backlinks is an easily answered question,  and it is a process that is very simple yet quite time consuming and tedious. Many opportunities exist to simplify and speed up the process with the use of free and paid software tools, and also the hiring of a back linking Services Company to complete the process for you.

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