Top SEO Tips and Tricks for The Best Ranking

Knowledge of SEO is critical to getting good rankings of your website in the search engines, driving targeted traffic to your website and making sales and conversions. SEO stands for search engines optimization and consists of on-site SEO and off-site SEO. What follows gives a description of both kinds of SEO tips and tricks that would benefit a webmaster’s marketing efforts.

On-Site SEO Tips and Tricks

These on-site optimization tips relate to the issue of content, the keywords and the titles relevant to the topic as well as the navigation tactics on the webpage. The combined total of the effects of these factors will affect how visitors and the search engines respond to the webpages.

  • Good Content – Good content that is frequently updated is a vital part of good SEO. However, the content must be relevant to the topic of the website, and the keywords must be sprinkled throughout the content but not excessively. It is also a good idea to include unique pieces of information that competing websites will not have included on their pages.
  • Meta-Tags – These include Meta tags for the title, the description, and the images on the webpages. Title tags should contain no more than 70 characters and must include the main keyword.  Avoid stuffing the title with keywords because that would make it much less effective.
  • Description Meta tags should consist of a maximum of 160 characters. The content’s title should be included as well as a strong call to action inviting visitors to the website. In the results pages, the Meta description will be displayed so people seeking information will select a site to visit based on its Meta description.
  • Alt image description tags should be used whenever images are used on a webpage and they should include a keyword phrase. This description is useful for blind web users to decipher the image and for others looking at an unresolved image to know what the image is about.
  • Heading Tags – The H1 heading tag should be used just once and should include the main keyword – it will tell the search engines the topic of the webpages. Subheadings should use the H2 heading tags (may have more than one) and they should include other keyword phrases.
  • Internal Linking – Content on one page of the website should be linked to other related content on other pages of the site. This internal linking will show the search engines what you consider important and they will follow those links and index them also.



Off-Site SEO Tips and Tricks

Off-site optimization tips involve the promotion of the website on other websites through the techniques of video marketing, article marketing, social bookmarking and other methods. This relationship involves the use of linking between the website and others.

  • Commenting on Blogs – Commenting on other sites such as blogs, forums, video posts and attaching links back to the website will create inbound links for the site that the search engines will evaluate. Linking with high ranking sites that are related in topic to the site being promoted will create a valuable link in the eyes of the search engines, and they will increase the site’s ranking in the results pages.
  • The quality of the link is much more important that the quantity of the links. Just linking to thousands of sites of low or no page rank that are not dealing with a related topic will not benefit the site being promoted, and the search engines will not rate the link highly.

Search engine ranking is crucial to the effective ranking of a website because if a website does  not have a top ten ranking in Google, it is not coming into contact with approximately 85% of Internet users who are seeking for the precise products and services you are promoting.

Using the correct design, writing and coding on a website will enable the search engine to pick up any site much faster and give it a higher rating on the results pages. Understanding the necessary SEO tips and tricks will enable any webmaster to easily drive a great deal of targeted traffic to the sales pages of his website which will lead to greater conversions and more sales.

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